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  • Engage your viewers with over 120 AI avatars
  • Localize your videos in over 120 languages
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Training videos made with Synthesia

Get inspired by a wide selection of training videos created with Synthesia. Edit and customize them freely in your Synthesia account.

AI avatars

Engage your viewers with AI presenters

  • Choose from 120+ diverse stock AI Avatars
  • Create your own custom AI avatar
  • Save time on shoots and reshoots
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Localize your videos in over 120 languages

  • Turn your script into high-quality voiceovers
  • Ensure consistent quality of voiceovers at scale
  • Save time on edits and updates
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Team collaboration

Get feedback, edit and update in one place

  • Quickly prototype a video and share it with your team
  • Get feedback, add comments and edit in one place
  • Save time and easily manage expectations
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For teams of all sizes

We scale to meet your team's video creation needs, provide administration features and advanced security.

Community and support

Get access to learning resources and support

  • On-demand tutorials and live workshops
  • Self-paced course in AI video creation & certification
  • Join a growing community of 3,000+ Synthesia users
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Customer Reviews

What makes Synthesia special?

We asked our customers 3 questions about their experience with Synthesia. Hundreds responded, and here's some of what they said.

4 out of 5 StarsReview score: 5/5

Having a presenter who can instantly say what you want to say (and in the way you want to say it) is invaluable. A remarkable new authoring tool, without a doubt.

Oscar González Cantin
Instructional Designer
4 out of 5 StarsReview score: 5/5

Synthesia removes the skill and cost barriers in terms of voice acting and videography that's usually required to create talking-head training videos.

Muhammad Jinani
Educational Design & E-Learning Specialist
4 out of 5 StarsReview score: 5/5

The user interface is intuitive, and it's easy to produce video content quickly. Also super easy to edit, change elements, and manipulate the script.

Matt Canzer
4 out of 5 StarsReview score: 5/5

I don't need to record my videos to get a better effect on the video. I can shoot videos in multiple languages in minutes with an avatar.

Vitoria Regina Oliveira
Innovation Specialist
4 out of 5 StarsReview score: 5/5

It raises our content to the next level, helping us gain interest and engagement in our services. The speed of production and the fact that it only takes one person is a great cost reduction.

Lisa Rodgers
Internal Communicator
4 out of 5 StarsReview score: 5/5

When creating courses with audio, if the narrator leaves the organization, we don't have to settle for two different voices or search for a similar voice. We can easily recreate all voiceovers with Synthesia.

Alicia Patterson-Davis
Instructional Design Specialist
🧭 On the roadmap
Review score: 5/54 out of 5 Stars

What I don't like about Synthesia is when we use bullet points. The manual process of finding the timing to sync the screen text appearance with the avatar's speech is time consuming.

Eliane Apolinario
E-learning training creator
✅ Fixed
Review score: 5/54 out of 5 Stars

What I do not like so much is the editing of the avatar's pauses. In the area where you insert the text, there should be a menu bar that allows you to click on it and insert pauses or gestures.

Ralf Lorz
Health Manager
👨‍🔧 Working on it now
Review score: 5/54 out of 5 Stars

The product is still in development, and as a user, I sometimes need to use creative workarounds. However, I do appreciate that I feel like Synthesia approaches this by making our company's needs part of further product developments.

Jana Menge
Digital Learning Designer