How to Make an Avatar for Videos in 5 Minutes

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Ema Lukan
Published on
June 4, 2024
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Hey there 👋

If you're looking for an avatar maker app to create a cartoon avatar from a photo, this guide isn't for you.

But, if you are interested in all things AI and video, keep reading to learn how to create a human-like AI avatar from text using a tool called Synthesia.

Or just watch this 2-minute video, which explains it all:

How to create a digital human in under 10 minutes | Synthesia STUDIO

What is an AI avatar?

There are many definitions for an avatar, but it is usually a digital representation of a human in the online space.

The first thing that probably comes to mind is a cartoon avatar, used by people on their social profiles in place of a photo.

At Synthesia, we define an AI avatar as a photo-realistic digital representation of a human that can be used for creating videos in 120+ languages.

This sounds like a mouthful, so let's break this down with Synthesia's own avatar, Anna.

How are Synthesia AI Avatars created?

What are AI avatars useful for?

Let's say you need to create a whole bunch of videos, and you don't have a lot of time or money to spare.

Think training videos, explainer videos, how-to videos, and the like.

AI video generation tools like Synthesia allow you to create those videos in your browser window without any cameras or actors, all by using AI avatars.

Here's how.

How to make an AI avatar for videos

You can create a professional video with an AI avatar in minutes in 4 simple steps:

Step 1: Type in text

Step 2: Choose an AI avatar

Step 3: Edit your video

Step 4: Generate and download video

Step 1: Type in text

Take your video script and type or paste it into the script box.

Synthesia will use that text to generate a text-to-speech voiceover for your avatar.

Here's an amazing bonus: you can make your avatar speak in more than 120 languages by simply typing in text in your target language.


Step 2: Choose an AI avatar

Now it's time to add a face to that voice-over in the form of an AI avatar.

Synthesia has 140+ avatars of every face shape, hairstyle, eye color, and clothing option, with or without facial hair.

To add an AI avatar, click 'Avatar' on top of the video canvas and choose an avatar style you like. Switch between the full-body view, circle view, or voice only.


Step 3: Edit your video

Now, it's time to customize your video with visuals.

You can add shapes, text, colors, animations, transitions, screen recordings, music, and more.

You can upload your own photo and video footage or search through our stock footage collection.


Step 4: Generate and download video

Your video with a photo-realistic AI avatar is done!

Click on 'Generate' and let Synthesia do its magic. 🪄


Bonus: Create your own custom video avatar

If you want to create videos, but don't feel comfortable in front of a camera or just want to make videos faster, make a realistic avatar of yourself using Synthesia.

Curious to see how it looks? Here's a custom avatar created by Cyber Inc.:

Demo video, Cyber Inc.

If you want to make your own avatar, here's what you'll need:

  • a Synthesia account
  • a green screen
  • a camera and good lighting
  • 10-15 minutes of footage of you reciting a script

For more detailed instructions, read our full guide on creating a custom avatar.

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Frequently asked questions

How to make an AI avatar for free?

To make an AI avatar for free, go to Synthesia and generate a free AI video with an avatar. It will take you roughly 2 minutes.

How do I make a digital avatar of myself?

You can make an avatar of yourself using Synthesia's custom avatar maker. Essentially, you will need to record and upload 10-15 minutes of video of yourself speaking, send it to Synthesia, and receive your avatar in a few days. For more information on custom avatars, check out this page.

What is the best AI avatar maker?

Synthesia is considered to be the best AI avatar maker for use in videos in 2023. It allows users to create hyper-realistic AI avatars by simply typing in text.

Synthesia is also the best AI avatar maker according to the software review app G2, where Synthesia has 1000+ 4.7/5 reviews.

How to create an AI version of yourself?

To create an AI version of yourself, go to Synthesia's custom avatar maker. There, you can choose to create a Webcam avatar in 5 minutes on your laptop, or submit professional green screen footage of yourself to create a Studio-quality avatar.

To create a Webcam avatar, simply follow the on-screen instructions and position yourself well in front of the camera. Read the consent form, and then start recording yourself reading the provided text. Your AI webcam avatar will be available in 5 business days.

To create a Studio-quality AI version of yourself, read through our requirements for setup, performance, framing, and so on.