How to: Create product videos in 30 minutes

Jakob Marovt
July 27, 2022

Creating product walkthrough videos is annoying.😤

Yes, we've all been there. First, it takes sooo much time to create a very good product walkthrough video. And to make it look and sound good, you actually need quite a bit of equipment.

But then, when you're done, a week later the product team comes up with an update that makes your content obsolete. Groundhog Day 🤦🏻

Is there a better way?

Yes! With Synthesia, you can now finally create and update product walkthrough videos without having to record yourself, worry about your camera and sound equipment or presentation skills.

Here's an example product video created with Synthesia in just a few minutes:

What do I need to get started?

How to do it?

  • Go to Synthesia and choose your avatar.
  • Add your video as background.
  • Enter your script, choose the language and adjust as you see fit.
  • Record your screen as you perform the product walkthrough (you can now use Synthesia's screen recording feature).
  • Do a little post-editing (trim here and there, increase/decrease speed, etc.).
  • Generate your video and that's it.

This part requires a little bit of experimentation at first, but you can do it, we promise. We recommend you check out other resources if this is your first time using Synthesia STUDIO.

A few extra tips:

  • Keep the videos short, bite-sized and concrete.
  • Experiment with avatars, languages, and tone of voice (more details on proper pronunciation here).
  • Use transitions between slides, emojis and text to make your videos more engaging.

Where can I see some examples?

So what happens if my product team comes with an update?

The ability to quickly edit existing videos is one of Synthesia's best advantages. Simply find the original video in your Synthesia account and edit the background, text, or anything else that needs to be changed. You can also duplicate a video and make changes there, in case you need the original version for reference.

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