Send personalized videos that work in emails

Jakob Marovt
July 26, 2022

You know how people always say: “yeah, videos don’t play in emails - you have to redirect people to a video page”.

Well, that’s true. Kinda. The reason is that there is no native robust support for video playback inside email.

But. There’s a loophole.

A lot of people use Gmail/Google Workspace email clients. And for quite some time now Gmail has had the ability to play videos in the email - if they detect a YouTube link.


If they detect a Youtube link… 🤔

So we were like - what if we, whenever we generate a personalized video, also just automatically upload that video to our YouTube channel as an unlisted video. And then we can automatically send that video link as a part of the email we send to our clients.

With a bit of Synthesia API and Zapier magic we got it working.

But enough talking.

Let me tell you how we now use this in a real life situation. In this case we want to send a personalized video in an email to every new affiliate partner.

  1. Sign up: Someone signs up to become our affiliate partner (via Typeform).
  2. Automatic video generation: We would like to surprise them with a personalized video to explain them our referral program - so we start automatically generating a video for them (via Zapier - use our Zapier template).
  3. Automatic upload to YouTube and send in email: Once the Synthesia video is generated, we automatically upload the video to our YouTube channel (as unlisted video) and generate an email to the new affiliate partner with a link to Youtube (via Zapier - use our Zapier template).

And voila.. all our new affiliate partners automatically receive personalized videos that can play in their email. With no involvement from our side - it’s all automatic.

This is how an example personalized video looks like:

And what are our initial results? We get a ton of surprised email replies responding to us saying how amazing this is and… how could they do this too. That’s why we wrote this article.

PS - here’s an extra bonus for you: in the second Zapier step where we upload the video to Youtube we also add a tag “yt:cc=on”. This tag forces Youtube to always display captions to your viewers - which of course Youtube generates automatically.

Happy videoing!

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