Board Meeting Presentation Template

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Replace PowerPoint and Google Slides, and add a video layer to your board meeting presentation template to increase engagement and information retention. Here's how.

How to use this board meeting presentation template

M‍ake an impactful presentation for your next board meeting in 5 minutes using this professionally-designed board meeting presentation template.

Step 1: Open the template in Synthesia

‍Click the ‘Use in Synthesia’ button to open the presentation in the video editor.

Step 2: Add text

Paste your text into the script box slide by slide, and choose a language and voice. Your text will be transformed into a text-to-speech voiceover in seconds.

Step 3: Customize video

Adjust the template to your brand - change the avatar, background, on-screen text animations, logos, colors, images, and more.

Step 4: Generate video

Click on ‘Generate video’ and your new board meeting presentation is complete!

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All your board meeting presentation questions answered

What is a board presentation?

A board meeting presentation is a way for company executives, usually the CEO or CFO, to communicate essential information about the business' performance to the board of directors.

One of the most common board meeting formats is to present over pre-prepared board meeting slides containing information about the business, such as financial information, key accomplishments and challenges, future goals, and more.

A board meeting presentation is usually followed by a group discussion, where board members ask further questions, give advice or clarify any uncertainties.

What makes a good board presentation?

There are multiple factors that can make or break a board meeting presentation. We've summarized the 5 most important tips to make your next board meeting presentation more impressive:

1. Know your audience

Before any board meeting presentation, it's a good idea to start with a little background research into the board members you will be addressing. By knowing who each person is, you can understand their priorities and tailor a unique approach to each member.

Find out what their main business goals and concerns are, and make sure to address them in your board meeting presentation.

2. Create a meeting agenda

Plan out how you want to structure the board meeting presentation and create a clear outline that will be useful both for you and the members of the board. A good tip is to send out the meeting agenda to the board members beforehand, so they know what to expect and can prepare some questions.

3. Use a professional board meeting presentation template to improve your board meeting slides

A part of a board meeting presentation that is often overlooked is the design of the presentation. Some of the most popular templates include PowerPoint templates and Google Slides templates. A PowerPoint or Google Slides template may be the industry standard but that doesn't mean you shouldn't seek out more exciting presentation software.

Whichever tools and board meeting presentation template you choose, make sure it looks professional and has all the necessary slides and elements you need to present your data concisely.

4. Use data, visuals, and examples to explain your points

Plain text is not as engaging as visual information, so make sure to include visuals, like images and video, as well as data graphs and tables to break up the monotony of a typical board meeting presentation.

5. Practice and come prepared

Board meetings can be stressful. There is no better way to tackle the pre-meeting nerves than to practice and prepare for likely scenarios/questions.

Make sure you know the most important details about the topic you're presenting, gather data and facts to support your arguments, and write a script outline to not forget the most important points.

Lastly, practice the presentation a few times to familiarize yourself with the presentation and script. Even better if you practice in front of your family/friends/colleagues, so you can receive valuable feedback.

What should be included in a board meeting presentation?

The contents of a board meeting presentation depend on the type of business and the metrics that are of particular interest to the board members. However, it's good practice to include the following sections in your board meeting presentation:

  • Board meeting agenda
  • Status update
  • Performance report
  • Upcoming projects and key focuses
  • Executive summary
  • Graphics, images, and other visualizations

How do I make a good presentation template?

Having a visually stunning, yet professional-looking board meeting presentation template is the perfect way to engage your audience and help them retain important information.

You can either choose to create a custom board meeting presentation template following your brand guide, or you can use a pre-made presentation template to make the template creation process easier.

While using a PowerPoint template or Google Slides is considered the norm, we recommend exploring other, more creative options. One of those options is Synthesia, an online video presentation maker that uses human-like AI text-to-speech presenters to narrate your script.

To make a good presentation template in a video format, go to Synthesia STUDIO, select an AI presenter, format a slide with needed elements, and reuse that slide again and again.

How do you do a board meeting presentation?

If you're asked to do a presentation at a board meeting, don't panic - it's not as daunting as it sounds. Just follow these simple tips and you'll be fine.

First, make sure you know what the board is interested in hearing about. Do your research and find out as much as you can about the company and the industry.

Then, structure your presentation around the board's needs. Start with a strong opening that captures their attention, and make sure each point you make is relevant and backed up by data.

Finally, practice your presentation until you're confident you can deliver it flawlessly on the day. With a bit of preparation, doing a board meeting presentation is easy - so go for it!