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How to use this brand presentation template

Step 1: Open the template in Synthesia

‍Click the ‘Use in Synthesia’ button to open the brand presentation in the video editor.

Step 2: Add text

Paste your text into the script box slide by slide, and choose a language and voice. Your text will be transformed into a text-to-speech voiceover in seconds.

Step 3: Customize video

Adjust the template to your brand personality - change the avatar, background, on-screen text animations, logos, brand colors, images, and more.

Step 4: Generate video

Click on ‘Generate video’ and your new brand presentation is complete!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a brand presentation?

A branding presentation is a presentation (or set of presentations) with a distinguished brand identity, designed to present information to clients or stakeholders.

Brand presentations use unique brand colors, a company logo, custom typography, illustrations, and other details unique to the brand to distinguish themselves among others.

How do you create a brand presentation?

1. Identify your brand guidelines

If you haven't already, spend some time identifying your brand guidelines.

You might ask, what are brand guidelines, and why are they important?

Brand guidelines are a set of standards and rules that define the image of your brand. Branding guidelines are crucial to help present a business in the best light possible through visual and written communication, both online and offline.

When identifying branding guidelines, take great care of the following elements:

  • your company's story, vision, and values
  • tone of voice for written and oral communication
  • a cohesive color scheme for all visual communication
  • typography, including font variation, sizing, weight, and spacing
  • iconography and logo
  • photography and imagery

2. Establish the brand elements and visuals

Elements like logos, color schemes, images, and fonts matter in design. A unique combination of these elements is what distinguishes your brand apart visually from every other brand.

Spend time with professional designers creating a custom brand image, and use that unique visual business identity in all forms of visual communication, from your website and business presentation template to sales and marketing material.

3. Use a custom presentation template

A presentation is a key business tool used to communicate and convey information both to internal and external stakeholders. That's why using brand visuals throughout a presentation template and all its slides will help maintain a consistent brand image.

Start building a presentation template library or separate presentation elements you and your team can access and use any time to stay consistent with your branding.

You can create your own branded presentation template or browse professionally-designed brand presentations for ideas and inspiration. By using a pre-designed presentation template, you can cut down on production and design time and focus on the content.

What should be included in a brand presentation?

The content of each branded presentation will depend on the context and audience - is it a business presentation, a marketing plan for clients, or a pitch deck? Each scenario requires a separate story, design, and slides. However, some presentation features stay the same, no matter the scenario.

Here are the 4 most important elements for your next brand presentation:

1. Brand identity

Seemingly simple details, if used correctly, play a crucial role in presenting your brand in a presentation. A detail like a small company logo in one of the corners is a perfect example of consistent branding throughout a brand presentation template. Of course, keeping the color scheme and typography the same throughout the presentation will also help boost your brand identity.

2. Master slide

Design a simple, yet recognizable master slide that you can use at the beginning of every presentation. A master slide should provide your audience/client with an overview of what's to come. This is the perfect place to feature your company logo, the title of the presentation, the names of presenters, as well as the date, all shown in line with your brand's visual identity.

We recommend designing a title slide in your brand presentation template that you can use again and again.

3. Imagery and video

No presentation template is complete without unique and engaging imagery to break up heavy-looking blocks of text. Choose images that fit your branding guidelines to add an engaging element to your PowerPoint presentation template.

If you want your branding presentation to stand out even more, explore the world of video presentations. Video is 2.6 times more engaging than text, so adding a video layer to your presentation will help tell your story most interestingly. You can even explore the world of AI video presenters, which can be added on top of your PowerPoint presentation to narrate it for you in 160+ languages.

4. Closing slide

Don't forget to summarize your presentation and use this slide to make a final impression on your client/company. A powerful final slide should showcase your brand to your audience in the best light, so make it count.

Tip: if you're using a branding presentation template, you don't have to think about what elements to include for every presentation, all of that is already likely included.

How do you showcase a brand?

We've talked a lot in this article about the building blocks of showcasing a brand visually, so here are the key tips summarized:

  • create brand standards and visual identity
  • create a unique color scheme, typeface, and tone of voice
  • design a branded presentation template
  • keep branding consistent throughout your website, news articles, brand presentations, posters, and other forms of visual communication

If you're lacking inspiration, or are bored of plain PowerPoint slides, check out our template library and create a stunning and engaging video presentation with an AI avatar.