Case Study Presentation Template

Use in Synthesia Studio
Share the story of your case study with a professionally-designed case study presentation template. It allows you to share your case study approach, analysis, and results in an engaging video format. Use this case study presentation template to create a video in just minutes by simply typing in text.

This case study template features the following sections

  • 6 fully customizable slides
  • Introduction slide
  • Key challenge slide
  • Solution slide
  • Slide for graphs
  • Results slide
  • Final slide with 3 key takeaways

Create a professional presentation in minutes

With Synthesia, you can create a compelling case study presentation in 5 minutes by simply typing in text. With the help of one of our popular templates, you can outline and highlight all the important information in a visually stunning way. No more basic PowerPoint case study templates.

Like PowerPoint templates, but better

Long gone are the days of presenting case studies with a plain PowerPoint template. Transform your case study presentations into an engaging video format with AI presenters in just a few minutes.

Browse our collection of case study templates, customize your chosen case study template as you please, and create professional-looking business slides in just a few clicks.

How to replace Google Slides with engaging video presentations

Engage your audience and impress your management and clients with a case study analysis they have never seen before. Turn any plain case study PowerPoint into a video presentation with a text-to-speech AI avatar in 4 simple steps using Synthesia STUDIO:

  1. Upload your existing PowerPoint template to turn it into a video, or choose a case study template that has been professionally designed to create a case study presentation in minutes.
  2. Choose an AI video presenter and your preferred language, and type in your case study script into the tool.
  3. Adjust and edit the template and each individual slide to fit your research and data.
  4. Download your case study, or access it anytime with a shareable link.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a case study be a PowerPoint?

Absolutely! In fact, using a case study PowerPoint presentation has long been the industry standard, as it's one of the most effective methods of presenting your case study project concisely and engagingly.

How do you write a case study presentation?

To write a case study presentation, think of it as a story. The key idea with a case study presentation is to organize an overview of the problem, findings, and solutions to the problem in a succinct way, yet keep it engaging for your audience.

Here are 4 steps to help with writing an effective case study presentation:

1. Describe the problem

All case studies start with a problem statement. This is where you explain the main focus of the client and the problem they're trying to find a solution for. Don't go into too many details to avoid boring your audience.

2. Present the process and solution

Now that you have given context to the case study, it's time to present the process and solutions.

Illustrate the process briefly, but don't spend too much time on that, as the process is not the most important part of a case study.

Outline all relevant solutions in a few sentences, and make sure to mention any alternate solutions too. Include the objectives and goals that the client wanted to achieve, and how the solutions fit into that.

3. Show examples with data

Nothing proves your point better than examples and data. Make sure to include an example, a client testimonial, and any relevant data in your case study to demonstrate the effectiveness and value of your solutions. The more evidence you provide, the more compelling your case study appears to your clients.

4. Outline the results

Use the last part of the case study PowerPoint to show the success of your project. Show the key outcomes and how those outcomes impacted your client.

How do you end a case study presentation?

In a business context, the last part of case studies should demonstrate how successful your solution to the problem was.

Summarize the key results and takeaways in a few memorable sentences, and, if applicable, quickly show how those results could be applied to other clients.

How do you end a case study presentation?

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