KPI Presentation Template

Use in Synthesia Studio
A key performance indicator (KPI) presentation doesn't have to be mundane. Use this presentation template to show your KPIs in a structured, yet interesting way, using striking visuals and an AI text-to-speech video presenter.

This presentation template features

  • 6 fully customizable KPI slides
  • KPI performance reports slide
  • KPI data placeholders
  • KPI data charts
  • Placeholders for charts, images, icons, and video
  • Easy download and embed function
  • Text-to-speech function in 130+ languages
  • 140+ AI video presenters

Customize this KPI template with ease to visualize success factors and performance data specific to your business. Access the presentation template at any time to quickly edit and save the slides.

How to use this KPI presentation template

Step 1: Open the template in Synthesia

‍Click the ‘Use in Synthesia’ button to open the presentation in the video editor.

Step 2: Add text

Paste your text into the script box slide by slide, and choose a language and voice. Your text will be transformed into a text-to-speech voiceover in seconds.

Step 3: Customize video

Adjust the template to your brand - change the avatar, background, on-screen text animations, logos, colors, images, and more.

Step 4: Generate video

Click on ‘Generate video’ and your new KPI presentation is complete!


Your KPI presentation questions answered

What is a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) presentation?

KPI stands for key performance indicator and is a performance measurement model for business metrics. A business or company uses key performance indicators (KPIs) to track, measure and process how effectively they are achieving their key business objectives, productivity, and strategies.

Thus, a KPI presentation is a meeting where accountable company employees present relevant business data to the manager by either using a KPI dashboard or PowerPoint/Google Slides.

A KPI presentation typically includes:

  • a summarized performance slide
  • an analytics dashboard with relevant charts
  • an organization/team strategy slide

How do you create a KPI presentation?

Creating an informative, yet engaging KPI presentation using Synthesia STUDIO is as easy as these 5 steps:

  1. Browse our collection of templates and choose the KPI-specific template, or upload your existing PowerPoint presentation slides to create your own template.
  2. Choose an AI avatar to present your key business metrics and strategy.
  3. Create a script using data from your KPI dashboard and paste it into the presentation template.
  4. Modify the KPI presentation template to look exactly the way you want it to. Adjust the KPI metrics, progress charts, tables on each template slide.
  5. Save and download your KPI presentation for easy access, or use the generated link to view and edit it at any time.

You can also choose to go the traditional route and use free PowerPoint templates or Google Slides to create a KPI presentation, but these presentations tend to be... a bit dry.

With so many new (and free) presentation software available today, making unique and visually appealing presentations only takes a few minutes.