Microlearning Template

Use in Synthesia Studio
This template is perfect to use as a simple microlearning module. Add objectives, concepts, comparisons, key visuals, knowledge checks, and key takeaways to your video.

This microlearning template features

  • Objectives slide to identify key skills
  • Comparison slide
  • Key visuals and points slide
  • Knowledge check slide
  • Key takeaways slide
  • Stunning and customizable design
  • 45+ AI avatars
  • 60+ text-to-speech languages

Microlearning templates made engaging

Our learning and development template gallery features editable designs for e-learning, employee training, microlearning content, and more.

This particular microlearning template is perfect for a final module in your e-learning course, but we also created templates designed for more advanced and creative use cases.

For example, you can use our multiple-choice quiz template to integrate games into your lessons, use our Storyline template for an interactive e-learning experience for your learners, or bring life to the concepts you're teaching with a storytelling-based template.

No matter the objective or type of learning, our templates are designed with your learners' needs in mind.

And in case you want to see Synthesia in action but are not ready to commit, you can create a free L&D-themed demo video. No credit card required.

How to use Synthesia's microlearning templates:

Making high-quality professional microlearning videos using Synthesia's microlearning templates is now as easy as writing an email. We've simplified the process down to 6 easy steps:

  1. Create a Synthesia STUDIO account to get started. Play around with the tool or look through our how-to resources for inspiration and advanced tips.
  2. Browse our microlearning templates or create a video from scratch - the choice is yours!
  3. Select an AI avatar and a text-to-speech language. This will add an extra level of engagement and personalization to your video lessons.
  4. Type in your video script in any of our 60+ supported languages. Now you can engage your learners in their native for an even better learning experience!
  5. Edit the video using needed resources. Add text, logos, images, shapes, and music to make the video stand out. You can even tweak the layout, colors, and shapes of the templates to fit with your company's branding.
  6. Generate and download your new elearning video lessons and integrate them into your LMS of choice with ease.

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