Multiple Choice Questions Template

Use in Synthesia Studio
Test your learners' knowledge with this multiple-choice quiz template. You'll find placeholders for 2 questions and answers, and brief descriptions for the correct responses.

This multiple-choice quiz template features:

  • Interactive design
  • Placeholders for 2 questions and 2 answers
  • Timed animations
  • Correct answer example slide
  • Slide for context/longer questions
  • Final encouragement slide
  • 70+ AI avatars
  • Text-to-speech in 70+ languages

A multiple-choice test doesn't have to be boring

Students and teachers alike are used to the plain text-based multiple-choice quiz format, which has been around for decades.

While a multiple choice quiz is a great learning resource for both an educational and business context, there are always ways to make learning more engaging and fun.

So why not transform a paper-based multiple-choice quiz into a video?

Why? Because research shows that people retain 90% of a message when they watch a video compared to 10% when they read a text. Since the end goal of a multiple choice quiz is information retention, it simply makes sense to use the best method to help with that goal.

Here's how you can do that with Synthesia👇

How to use this multiple-choice quiz template to engage learners

Create a multiple choice question and answer quiz in under 10 minutes using one of our handy video templates. We've broken down the process into 6 easy steps.

  1. Create a Synthesia account to get started. Play around with the tool or browse Synthesia Academy for tips & tricks on getting started with video production.
  2. Browse our collection of templates designed for learning or create a multiple choice quiz from scratch - the choice is yours!
  3. Select a life-like AI avatar to act as a presenter. This will add a personal touch to your multiple-choice quiz.
  4. Type in your multiple-choice quiz script in any of our 60+ supported languages. Your selected AI avatar will narrate your script for you.
  5. Edit the multiple-choice quiz template using our intuitive interface. Add text, logos, images, shapes, and music to our pre-made templates to make them stand out.
  6. Generate and download your new interactive multiple-choice test and integrate them into your learning program.

Quick tip: if you're using this multiple choice test template to create quizzes for employee learning & development, check out our supported LMS integrations for videos created with Synthesia.