How a logistics firm saves 32 hours creating training video

Learning Content Specialist

In this case study, you'll learn how a Learning Content Specialist manager at an international logistics firm used Synthesia to create training videos on various topics such as compliance, technical training, and employee onboarding.

Enterprise: 1000+

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videos in less than a year.


time savings.

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The Challenge

In order to serve an audience of over 30.000 learners with engaging training content, the team was looking into expediting their training video creation process since the traditional way of creating content had several limitations:

Untrained cast: Colleagues felt uncomfortable in front of the camera, resulting in multiple re-recordings.

Difficult to localize: Localizing content into different languages would require significant expenses and resources.

Complex workflow: The process of putting everything together across multiple software tools to create training videos was time-consuming.

When you record e-learning video, it's never ready on the first try. You often have to re-record, and you need to put everything together across multiple software tools. It takes a long time. - Learning Content Specialist

The Solution

With Synthesia's AI video creation platform, the international logistics company can now scale their training videos effectively.

Whenever there is a need for training, the team is provided with a script. They then create videos using Synthesia and distribute them through their Learning Management System (LMS).

Here's what the team values about Synthesia:

  • Custom avatars: The team uses custom avatars for employee onboarding, providing a personalized experience for new joiners around the world.
  • Localisation: Synthesia enables the team to create content in multiple languages, eliminating the need for expensive voice overs.
  • Ease of use: Anyone can use Synthesia, making it accessible and user-friendly for the entire team.
The difference that Synthesia makes is that it solves the issue of having to work with multiple software tools in different stages. It makes the production process shorter and easier. - Learning Content Specialist

The Results

By leveraging Synthesia's AI video creation platform, the international logistics company achieved impressive results:

  • Video at scale: The team created over 100 videos in less than a year, meeting their training needs efficiently.
  • Time savings: The video creation process was reduced from an average of 5 days to just 8 hours, resulting in an 80% saving of valuable time and resources.
  • Increased Flexibility: Once a video is created, it can be easily updated at any time without having to start from the beginning.
Having an avatar walk through the training gives the learner a sense of companionship. It's like someone is grabbing you by the hand and providing you with the information you need. - Learning Content Specialist