How Electrolux trains 15,000 customers, partners & employees in 30+ languages

Fiona van der Louw
Sales & Service Skills Master Trainer

Electrolux Group is a leading global home appliance company. It owns several home appliance brands, including Electrolux, AEG, and Frigidaire. This Swedish multinational sells approximately 60 million household products in over 120 markets each year.

Enterprise: 1000+

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We spoke with Eva Eriksson, B2B Training Excellence Manager, and Fiona van der Louw, Sales & Service Skills Master Trainer at Electrolux Group. They told us how they use AI video to create short commercial and service training videos in multiple languages.

The Challenge

Eva and Fiona are tasked with creating master training sessions and deploying them to trainers in local markets across Europe. This involves developing training modules, which subsequently need to be localized in over 30 languages by each local market.

Before, the team primarily relied on text-based training material and occasionally repurposed marketing videos. This approach posed several challenges:

Less engaging text: People generally prefer learning through videos rather than text, as videos cater to all types of learners.

Costly video production: Creating new video content beyond existing marketing material is extremely expensive.

Difficult to localize: Translating the basic training version for every market consumed many hours. This took valuable time away from local trainers, who could have used that time to train learners.

Video engages learners more quickly than reading. It's also more time-efficient for those undergoing training. For technicians or contact center agents who only have a few minutes, reading 10 minutes of text isn't feasible. - Fiona van der Louw

The Solution

The team can now efficiently localize all their training videos using Synthesia. Here's the process:

  1. They start by creating a video in Synthesia, uploading scripts and adding elements and avatars to the scene.
  2. They then localize the original English version into 30+ European languages with a single click, storing them all in a dedicated Synthesia workspace.
  3. Local trainers access this workspace, adjust the translations if necessary, and the video is  ready for deployment.

That’s what a final video looks like 👇

Here's what we appreciate most about Synthesia:

Translation: Synthesia offers translations into 50+ languages with just a click. This eliminates a significant amount of manual work for Fiona, Eva, and all local markets, who now only need to proofread.

PowerPoint Uploads: In some cases, all Fiona needs to do is upload an existing PowerPoint to Synthesia, add a script and avatar, and voila - the video is ready for deployment.

Ease of Use: The platform provides all the essential video editing features needed to create high-quality learning content videos, without requiring additional tools or editing expertise.

Using Synthesia to translate videos with ease is truly valuable. We once employed an external agency, which proved to be both extremely time-consuming and expensive.  - Eva Eriksson

The Results

Eva and Fiona have used Synthesia to streamline the video production process for themselves and local markets. This has resulted in more engaging training content at scale:

Video at Scale: Over 40 video modules have been deployed and localised for European markets by the team.

Time Savings: The team can now produce a complete training video in just 2 hours, prior to review and publication. Content translation into 35 languages is just a couple of clicks away.

Cross Market Adoption: Synthesia is being utilized to localise video training by over 40 trainers across all European markets.

It's amazing to see the effect when people watch our videos. The excitement spreads throughout the whole organization. After all, videos are more engaging than text. - Eva Eriksson