In this anti-bribery course, you'll learn about the serious offense of bribery, what it means in the financial industry, and the consequences of engaging in it. Through practical examples, you'll understand how to identify and prevent bribery incidents, and why it's important to stay vigilant.

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Picture this. You are walking down the street and see a colleague from your company hand a large envelope to a vendor. You can't help but wonder, is this a bribe?

Bribery is a serious offense and it's important to understand what it is and how to avoid it.

Have you ever been offered something in exchange for doing something you wouldn't normally do? This is an example of bribery.

My name is Lauren, and in this micro-course, we will learn more about bribery and what it means in the financial industry. We will also discuss the consequences of engaging in bribery and how to avoid it in your daily work.