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Create professional videos in just a few minutes using Synthesia's AI video generator. No need for cameras, microphones or actors.
  • Turn text to videos
  • Support for 60+ languages
  • No video editing required
Create a free AI video from text
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How to create professional videos in just a few clicks

Step 1: Choose a template

To quickly get started with your first video, choose from 50+ professionally-designed templates for any use case.

Step 2: Select a virtual human presenter

Next, choose a realistic AI presenter that will narrate your video. You can also make your own avatar using one of our advanced features.

Step 3: Type in your text

Simply type or paste in your text. Our text to video maker will automatically create a voiceover for your video. In 60+ languages.

Step 4: Customize and edit

Now it's time for the creative process. Customize colors, shapes, fonts, add transitions, background music and stock media, or upload your own photos, images and audio. The choice is yours!

Step 5: Generate and share

And you're done. Now you can download, stream, embed and share videos created in Synthesia.

Use Cases

Corporate communications
Transform plain text blog post, newsletters, reports, press releases, employee onboarding into a more engaging format - video. Create video testimonials, video newsletters, emails and much more.
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Training videos
Create and easily update training videos in 60+ languages. Our videos integrate seamlessly into your LMS/LXP.
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Explainer videos
Create explainer videos for your website without using a separate video editing software. Our screen recorder, explainer video examples, avatars and voices will make the job easy.
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Key Features

45+ realistic avatars

Filming videos with human presenters is costly, time-consuming and requires high-quality equipment. With Synthesia you can make great videos using human-like avatars in just minutes.
  • Ever-growing selection
  • Custom avatars available

Voiceovers in 60+ languages

Create AI videos in any language without speaking it. Our text-to-speech software will produce realistic speech from text in seconds.
  • Multiple accent variations
  • Male and female voices

50+ video templates

Get started with creating videos with our customizable, easy-to-use video templates. Find templates for promo videos, sales presentations, training videos, and more.
  • Customizable templates
  • Easy-to-use

Frequently asked questions

What is AI video?
An AI video maker uses artificial intelligence and machine learning models to recognise a vast number of patterns and objects and use them to train itself to solve complex tasks, like video creation.
Can AI generate videos?
It may sound far-fetched, but yes - an artificial intelligence video maker is no longer a fantasy. Synthesia's AI-powered video generator can create engaging videos using human-like avatars in minutes.
What does Synthesia AI do?
Synthesia is an AI video generator that allows users to create engaging video content with human-like avatars by simply typing in text. In essence, a user can create a video from written video scripts in 5 minutes.
Is free?
You can make a free demo video to test our AI generator (limited to 200 words). Simply upload or type in your script, and get your video.If you love the results, you can upgrade to our Personal pricing plan ($30/month) or contact us for a custom Corporate plan.
How ethical are video generators?
Unlike some AI video generators on the market, Synthesia has a strong ethical stance on the misuse of videos made using our artificial intelligence technology. For example, using our pre-built avatars to advertise on social media platforms is forbidden, and all content generated using our creation platform go through internal screening before being released. Lastly, we will never create an avatar of someone without their explicit consent.