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Video script

Welcome to PaperWise Solutions' customer service training. I'm Sarah Johnson. Today, we will learn how to effectively provide product information, concluding with directing customers to our sales team for their purchasing needs.

Begin with a professional greeting and identify yourself.

Agent: "Good morning, this is Alex at PaperWise Solutions. How can I assist you today?"

Customer: "Hello, I'm looking for information about ergonomic office chairs."

Understand and clarify the customer's request for specific product information.

Agent: "Certainly, are there specific features or models you're interested in?"

Customer: "Yes, I'm interested in chairs that support posture and comfort."

Provide comprehensive information about the product, focusing on features and benefits.

Agent: "Our ErgoComfort chairs offer adjustable lumbar support, customizable armrests, and breathable fabric. These features ensure both posture support and comfort for extended use."

Customer: "That sounds like what I'm looking for. What about warranty and support?"

Address additional product-related queries such as warranty and after-sales support.

Agent: "The ErgoComfort chairs come with a five-year warranty and our dedicated customer support for any post-purchase inquiries."

Customer: "Great! How can I proceed with a purchase?"

Conclude the information exchange by directing the customer to our sales department for purchasing details.

Agent: "I'm glad I could help. For purchase details and to place an order, I'll connect you with our sales team. They'll assist you further."

Customer: "Thank you, that would be great!"

After the call, document the interaction and ensure a smooth transfer to the sales department.

This approach ensures that our customers are well-informed and guided appropriately to the right department. Your role in providing accurate product information is crucial in maintaining the integrity and professionalism of PaperWise Solutions.


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