Point Of Sales Display Guide

Learn where and how to display materials for maximum impact, including setup guidelines and product organization. Ensure your retail spaces invite customers to make purchases with well-maintained displays in high-traffic areas.

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Video script

Hello Retail partners! I’m Sarah Mitchell from FreshVibe's Channel Marketing team. Today, we’re diving into the art of maximizing our brand's visibility at your retail outlets using our marketing materials and Point of Sale (POS) displays.

First up, our promotional materials. We've designed them to be eye-catching and reflective of the FreshVibe brand. Ensuring they're prominently displayed and in mint condition is key. Think of places with maximum footfall: near the entrance, checkout counters, or aisle ends.

Now, setting up. Whether it's a standee, wobbler, or shelf-talker, always refer to our setup guide. Not only does it ensure uniformity across all stores, but it also maximizes the product's visibility. And remember, always stock the products behind their respective promotional materials.

Next, brand visibility. Organize the products neatly. For example, line up our FreshVibe juices by flavor and size. When products are easy to find and look appealing, it invites the customer to make a purchase.

Placement is crucial. High-traffic areas are gold mines. Utilize end-caps, and always keep a FreshVibe display near the checkout. Why is that? Impulse buys! Our snacks, especially, make for great last-minute additions to a shopper's basket.

Maintain our marketing materials. They should always be clean, wrinkle-free, and bright. If something is worn out or damaged, replace it. We’re here to support you with new materials whenever you need.

To wrap it up: Leverage the materials we provide, maintain product presentation, and optimize placement for maximum brand visibility. Together, we can ensure every customer's shopping experience with FreshVibe is delightful and memorable.

Thank you for partnering with FreshVibe. Together, we bring the taste of freshness to every home. Until next time, stay fresh!


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