Talent Sourcing Strategies

Discover how to identify and attract top talent through job boards, social media, networking events, and employee referrals. Learn the importance of a balanced approach and leveraging multiple channels.

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Video script

Welcome to SupplyStar's training video on Effective Sourcing Strategies! We're going to explore how to identify and attract top talent in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods world.

Our search for talent can extend across multiple channels. Let's explore each one.

Job boards like Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn can be a treasure trove of talent. For example, for our upcoming Marketing Campaign Manager role, LinkedIn could be a prime hunting ground, given its professional and industry-focused user base.

Social media platforms also offer a wealth of potential. We can locate talent for our graphic designer position on Instagram, where many designers showcase their portfolios.

Networking events can be especially useful for roles that require specific expertise. For instance, we could find potential candidates for our Food Scientist role at an upcoming FMCG conference.

Employee referrals can provide high-quality leads, like for our Supply Chain Analyst role. Our existing team knows the requirements and the company culture, so their recommendations can be quite valuable.

The strength of your strategy lies in leveraging all these channels together. A balanced approach is key to reaching the best candidates.

Here's how we could do it for a new Project Manager position: advertise on LinkedIn and Indeed, share the post on our social media channels, encourage our current employees to refer their contacts, and bring it up at the next industry networking event.

At SupplyStar, our goal is more than just filling a position. We strive to attract, engage, and hire top-tier talent. Now you're armed with effective strategies, ready to find that perfect candidate. Happy recruiting!


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