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Welcome to EcoNest Living's integrated marketing strategy training. In this session, we will go through real-life examples in marketing teams that are crucial for developing a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Strategy number 1. Align your online and offline marketing efforts. Watch the following example on how to do it right.

Employee 1 (Digital Marketer): "Our online campaign has great visuals that can be adapted for in-store use."

Employee 2 (Retail Marketing Manager): "Let's ensure the messaging and design are consistent across all platforms."

Now, let's look at how to harmonize sales and marketing for our composting kits.

Employee 3 (Sales Representative): "We need detailed product information readily available for customers."

Employee 1: "I'll enhance our online product pages and create informative brochures."

Employee 4 (Marketing Analyst): "And I'll analyze customer inquiries to tailor our marketing materials."

The last important strategy is to use customer insights. They are invaluable for our marketing.

Employee 5 (Customer Service Lead): "Our customers are curious about our sustainability efforts."

Employee 2: "Let's create a video series highlighting our green practices."

An integrated marketing strategy is key to our success at EcoNest Living.

Your role in this strategy is vital. Let's work together to promote sustainable living and make a positive impact.


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