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Video script

Hey team, Emily here. Let’s talk about growing in our tech sales roles - not just as individuals, but as a powerhouse team.

First, let’s talk open communication. Think about our weekly brainstorming sessions. When John shared his unique approach to customer follow-ups, we all learned something new. It’s about speaking up and sharing those gold nuggets of wisdom that can help us all improve.

Next, embracing learning. Remember how we tackled that new CRM software together? We set aside time each week to explore its features. As we got better, our efficiency skyrocketed. That’s the power of learning – it lifts us all.

Finally,  learning from failures and celebrating successes. Take our Q2 project. We didn't hit all our targets, but we analyzed our approach and identified key areas for improvement. Then, we celebrated our learnings with a team lunch. We grow from every experience – good or bad.

So, there you have it. Through open communication, embracing learning, and learning from every outcome, we don’t just hit our sales targets; we grow as individuals and as a team. Let’s keep this spirit alive and thrive together!


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