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Welcome to InnoSys' training on Unconscious Bias. Today, we'll delve into four common biases that subtly influence our workplace dynamics.

Affinity Bias makes us favor people similar to us. For instance, a manager might prefer colleagues from the same city, potentially overlooking diverse talents. This bias can limit our exposure to different perspectives and ideas.

Confirmation Bias leads us to notice only ideas that match our own. Dismissing a novel suggestion simply because it's unfamiliar can prevent us from innovative solutions. This bias hampers our ability to think broadly and embrace change.

Gender Bias involves assumptions based on gender, like thinking a man is better suited for a leadership role over a woman. Such biases can create an unfair workplace and hinder diversity in leadership roles.

Age Bias occurs when we judge ability based on age, such as assuming younger workers lack experience or older ones aren't tech-savvy. This not only demotivates employees but also overlooks their unique strengths.

At InnoSys, recognizing and overcoming these biases is key to our success. Together, we can ensure a workplace that values diversity and fosters innovation.


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