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400 different male and female human-like AI voices in 130+ languages for best-in-class video voice over. No microphones or video editing software needed. Try our free AI voice generator below.


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Create professional voice overs for training videos in 120+ languages. With Synthesia, no mics, cameras or actors are needed.

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Used by Training, Learning and Development teams at leading companies

What is an AI voice generator?

An AI voice generator is a software that converts written text into human-like speech. It can be customized to different speech styles, ages, genders, and accents and offers an easy translation to over 130 languages. With an AI voice generator, you’ve got everything in one place.

How does an AI voice generator work?

  1. Choose a template
  2. Type in your script or use an AI script generator
  3. Choose an AI avatar that will narrate the text (optional)
  4. Edit and publish your video

simplify your process

3 Benefits of using AI speech for video voice overs

  • Voice over with AI is incredibly fast and easy
  • Choose from an extensive library of languages, accents, and AI-generated voices or even clone your voice.
  • Possibility to add or modify the script without having to record from scratch.

What is the difference between text-to-speech and AI-generated voices?


Text-to-speech (TTS) technology takes written text and converts it into speech using a computer-generated voice. These synthetic voices can sometimes sound robotic or monotonous. TTS is commonly used for navigation systems, screen readers, and automated phone systems. A text-to-speech tool has limited capabilities in terms of naturalness and expressiveness, and may not provide the nuanced intonations and emotions required for sophisticated audio production. Users often prefer using AI voice generators for more emotive content.

AI voice generator

AI voice generation, on the other hand, uses advanced AI algorithms trained on voice actors to produce high-quality voices that sound human. AI voice technology doesn’t simply convert text to speech; it creates an almost human voice for engaging audio content. AI voice over generation tools often offer a variety of voice styles, languages, and accents, allowing users to select voices that align with their target audience. This technology is particularly valuable for businesses looking to produce high-quality voiceovers for videos, ads, e-learning, and more.

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Turn text into high-quality voiceovers with one click

  • Get consistent voiceovers in over 120 languages
  • Automatic closed captions included
  • Clone your own voice
Fast, secure and scalable

Why is Synthesia the best AI voice generator?


Edit videos with no editing skills

Add AI transitions, audio tracks, images, animation, videos, and shapes to your text-to-speech video. No video editor needed.


Clone your own voice

Use our custom text-to-speech feature to create custom voices. Add voice-overs to any video project in Synthesia.


Create professional videos at scale

No need for cameras, microphones, actors, or a video editor. Produce, create, and edit your video all in one place.

use cases

4 main uses for AI voice generators

An AI voice generator can be used to create voice overs for many different use cases. Here are the 4 main ones used by our customers.

E-Learning and Training

Create engaging training videos with natural voice overs. AI voices can be used to narrate e-learning courses, training modules, and educational materials, enhancing accessibility and comprehension.

Sales Training Materials

Create compelling training modules and resources for sales teams. AI voices can narrate product training and sales enablement videos, providing consistent and clear guidance.


Expand your global reach by generating voice overs in 400+ languages and accents. Maintain a consistent brand voice while catering to a global audience.

Videos and presentations

Add natural-sounding voices to videos and corporate presentations to guide viewers through the content. AI-generated voices and AI avatars can deliver information while maintaining viewer engagement.

See all Synthesia AI voices

Filter through 130+ AI text-to-speech voices to find the perfect one for your content.



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customer stories

3 pain points AI Voice Generation already solved for our customers

G2 Logo 5 Star review

Faster video creation

"Synthesia’s AI voiceovers sold me instantly. They give us the ability to pivot and create video content much faster than before"

Ann Stutler
Senior Manager of Training & Learning at Division Maintenance Group
G2 Logo 5 Star review

No actors - no costs

"Relying on external agencies and hiring voiceover actors in multiple language was extremely costly. So it would either mean stretching the budget or no video at all."

Jason Etherington
Global L&D Sales Learning Strategy Manager at Xerox
G2 Logo 5 Star review

Speed, simplicity and ease

"We can record anytime and anywhere with greater speed, simplicity, and ease. It not only optimizes work schedules but also increases productivity and benefits the quality of our educational materials."

Tue S. Synthesia custoemr
Pedro da Silva
Global Educational Services Manager at Fiery
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Built on the foundations of ethics and security

People first, always. We prioritize the secure, safe, and ethical use of Artificial Intelligence in our product development processes.

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Our Trust and Safety team ensures the protection of your data and the ethical application of AI.

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We actively engage with regulatory bodies and champion the formulation of robust AI policies and regulations.
fast, secure and scalable

10 reasons why you should generate AI voices with Synthesia

1. Effortless narration

Tired of spending hours searching for the right voice-acting professionals? Struggling with self-recording? Our generative voice over tool automates the narration process. Just paste or type your text, and watch as it's transformed into captivating (almost) human speech in just a few minutes.

2. Save time and money

Traditional voice recording is time-consuming and expensive. With AI there's no need to hire voice actors or buy expensive equipment. You reduce your voiceover costs by 50% and cut 95% off your video production time.

3. 400+ different voices

Whether you need a friendly and engaging voice for YouTube videos or professional voiceovers for explainer videos, Synthesia has a vast library of speaking styles, accents, and languages. Choose the perfect voice to resonate with your target audience.

4. Personalization at your fingertips

Make each narration unique with customizable options. Adjust the pronunciation using SSML to make your voices sound just right.

5. Authentic and expressive

How good can an AI-generated voice sound? AI voices are trained on human voices, so they sound natural and expressive, providing a human touch that engages listeners and keeps them captivated.

6. Global Reach

Break language barriers effortlessly with multilingual audio files. Reach a wider audience without the hassle of hiring multilingual voice actors.

7. Maintain consistent quality

Create content with a consistent brand voice. Establish a recognizable human-like voice that resonates with your audience.

8. Enhance accessibility

Make your content more inclusive by providing audio versions for visually impaired individuals and those who prefer auditory consumption. Synthesia also automatically generates closed captions for all videos.

9. Voice cloning

Clone your own voice to provide consistent and instantly recognizable audio across your content. With voice cloning, you can maintain a cohesive brand identity and a familiar tone that resonates with your audience.

10. Make changes with ease

With Synthesia you can simply make changes to the text and update the video without the need to record a voiceover from scratch. This is a valuable feature to keep your content updated at all times without spending additional time or resources.


All your AI voice questions answered

What is AI voice?

An AI voice is a synthetic voice generated by artificial intelligence.

How to use AI voice?

AI voices can be utilized by accessing voice generation platforms or APIs, inputting desired text, and selecting the preferred voice type or accent. Once processed, the AI outputs the text in audio format, which can then be saved, shared, or integrated into applications.

How to create an AI voice?

To create an AI voice using Synthesia, follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose a template
  2. Type in your script in any of the supported 120+ languages
  3. Choose an AI avatar that will narrate the text (optional)
  4. Edit and publish your video

How to make an AI voice over?

To make an AI voice over in Synthesia, do the following:

  1. Log in to Synthesia and choose a video template
  2. Type or paste your text and choose from 400+ AI voices
  3. Optionally add an AI avatar to narrate your voice over
  4. Hit generate and your video with AI voice over is complete!

How can I create my own AI voice?

To create your own AI voice using Synthesia, contact the support team to guide you through the voice creation process. Once you have submitted the needed consent and voice recordings, Synthesia will take 5-6 weeks to process it. Then, your own AI voice will appear in your Synthesia account, ready to be paired up with any avatar.

What is the most popular AI voice generator?

The most popular AI voice generator is Synthesia, which allows users to choose from 400+ voices in 130+ languages to generate voice overs for videos.