Create high-quality training modules that are engaging and professional with ease with Kumullus.

Why integrate Kumullus with Synthesia?

Sync your entire library of Synthesia videos with Kumullus in seconds and easily insert them into learning modules.

How does this integration work?

Here are the steps to integrate Synthesia and Kumullus

  • Obtain your Synthesia API key by clicking on Settings and navigating to Integrations
  • Log in or create an account on the Kumullus website
  • In Kumullus, go to "Medias" in the navigation menu and select "Add Media."
  • Select Synthesia as a video provider and paste in your API key, then click validate
  • Synthesia library will now appear in Kumullus
  • Choose desired Synthesia video and download it to the Kumullus library
  • When building a module, use Synthesia videos for an enhanced learning experience
  • Synthesia and Kumullus integration results in high-quality, ultra-engaging, professional-grade training modules

Who is this integration for?

Kumullus is ideal for educators, trainers, and organizations seeking to create engaging and interactive learning experiences for their learners. 

Frequently Asked Questions