Build engaging video courses in Udemy faster using Synthesia STUDIO. Create high-quality videos from text and upload them straight to Udemy.

Why integrate Udemy with Synthesia?

Creating training videos with Synthesia for your Udemy course is faster than using traditional filming methods.

Make high-quality videos from text with human-like AI avatars in just 5 minutes, and upload them easily into Udemy.

How do I upload Synthesia videos into Udemy?

Uploading Synthesia videos into Udemy is an easy 3-step process:

  • Now that you have your video, head to Udemy and create a new course or select an existing one
  • Complete your course information, and select "Curriculum" to add your Synthesia Video
  • Create a section, add content and upload your video

See Synthesia in action by watching the instructions in a video format 👆

Frequently Asked Questions