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Video drives action. Now you can personalize your communications with personalized videos via Synthesia API.

Synthesia Personalized Video Examples

Video personalization comes in many forms, from email campaigns to website landing pages. Why don't you see for yourself and find a personalized video example that suits your needs.
Create Personalized Video Messages with Synthesia API.
Customer Onboarding Videos
Automatically send personalized videos based on actions customers do in your product. You can use a custom presenter from your team.
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Outbound sales personalized video example
Outbound Sales Videos
Integrate personalised video creation in your outbound sales campaigns and supercharge your reply rates.
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Abandoned cart personalized video
Abandoned Shopping Cart Videos
Win back your "almost customers" with a surprising personalized video. And potentially offer them a promo code below too.
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Thank you for purchase personalized video
Thank You for Purchase Videos
Thank your customers for a purchase with a personalized video. And yes, your video can be personalized in your customer's language.
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Appointment reminder personalized video
Appointment Reminder Videos
Generate and send automatic reminders to your customer appointments. Of course, possible to do it with your own avatar.
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Post sign up personalized video
Sign up Videos
Greet your new VIP signups with a personalized welcome message. Offer them a walkthrough or a demo as a next step.
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Use our Zapier app for no-code implementation

You can create personalized videos via our API or use our Zapier app and do it all with no-code.
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Create AI presenters of your team members

Upload yourself or team members to Synthesia STUDIO and make video content with familiar faces.
  • Record and upload your own AI presenters
  • Or use our free-to-use AI presenters
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