BSH develops 70% more efficient training

Sabine Dömling
Global Supply Chain Training

BSH Home Appliances group is the largest manufacturer of home appliances in Europe and, with over 60,000 employees, one of the leading companies in the industry worldwide.

Enterprise: 1000+

Key Results:


savings in external video production


increase in learning engagement


views for web based training

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We spoke with Sabine Dömling from the Global Supply Chain Training to learn how she uses Synthesia to create compelling training videos for employees around the world.

The challenge

Since BSH is a global company with knowledge spread across the world, Sabine and her team wanted to ensure that everyone in the organisation had access to that knowledge. However, it was important that this was done in an efficient way.

To make expertise available regardless of time and space, the digitisation of e-learning was an obvious choice. The team at BSH didn't want to rely on boring PDFs or slides to click through.

Video was the format of choice, but it comes with a number of limitations:

  • Cost: Video production is expensive. Hiring actors, studios and video equipment easily catapults costs into the high five figures.
  • Flexibility: It would be nearly impossible to update the videos once created, and it would require additional time and resources to recreate the videos.
  • Translation: Localisation of traditional video content is time-consuming, costly and difficult to scale.

The team at BSH studied the startup ecosystem and the synthetic media space. They identified Synthesia as the leading startup in the field and chose it for a pilot project.

The solution

Using Synthesia software, Sabine quickly developed a virtual facilitator to guide learners through a training session.

This is how she went about it:

  1. She created bit-sized scripts.
  2. She inserted them into Synthesia's script box.
  3. She chose one of Synthesia's 140+ Avatars.
  4. She added images, screen recordings and copy to Synthesia’s in-built slides.
  5. Generated the video - and done!

Here are the 3 things Sabine appreciates most about Synthesia:

  • Ease of use: The platform is easy to use and includes all the necessary video editing features to create high-quality training videos without the need for additional tools.
  • Flexibility: once created, a video can be easily updated at any time, without having to start from the beginning.
  • Cost: Compared to hiring actors, studios and video equipment, Synthesia is cost-efficient, flexible and scalable.

And she's not the only one excited about Synthesia's added value of Synthesia. Here's what Dennis Hein, Head of Global Planning and Logistics, Supply Chain Management has to say about the trainings made with Synthesia:

A virtual training like this is a great representation in terms of professionalism. We are on the right track. I'm happy to be able to provide something so great for our end users worldwide. - Dennis Hein, Head of Global Planning and Logistics

The results

The pilot was a great success, the numbers speak for themselves:

  • Reach: Over 30.000 views of the web based trainings.
  • Engagement: Over 30% increase in engagement of e-learning.
  • Cost savings: Over 70% savings in external video production.

Since the launch of the pilot project, around 500 employees at BSH have been actively using Synthesia to ensure that they can share their knowledge with their 60,000 colleagues around the world.