How Zoom accelerated training video production by 90%

Daye Collier
Senior Instructional Designer

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Enterprise: 1000+

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up to $1,500

in cost savings per employee

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We spoke with Daye Collier, Senior Instructional Designer at Zoom, who uses Synthesia to create sales enablement training videos.

The Challenge

Daye and his team are working on training over 1,000 salespeople on effective Zoom product sales techniques. Daye strongly believes in using interactive training methods, including videos created both by Instructional designers (IDs) and Subject matter experts (SMEs).

However, creating training videos has been challenging for several reasons:

Time consuming: IDs often had to record many takes to be satisfied, which took a lot of time.

Lack of flexibility: If updates were needed in the training material, the team had to re-record the entire video.

For me, sometimes I need multiple takes to be satisfied with a recording. Subject matter experts and IDs can spend an entire day recording and the final output is only about 15 minutes of actual video. - Daye Collier, Senior Instructional Designer

The Solution

Using Synthesia, Daye and his team can create highly interactive and engaging training modules at scale. Sales teams can now participate in realistic simulations instead of relying on lengthy PDF files.

This is how a video is now being produced:

  1. Daye receives the script from the SMEs, uploads it to Synthesia, selects an avatar, adds scene details, and generates the AI video.
  2. The resulting footage is then integrated into the authoring tool, Rise 360 or Storyline, along with all other training modules to create an interactive learning experience.

Here's a short excerpt from Daye's interactive sales course, "Deal Detective."👇

Daye highlights these benefits of using Synthesia:

  • Flexibility: once created, a video can be easily updated at any time, without having to start from the beginning.
  • Ease of use: Synthesia is quick to learn and easy to use. No need for any advanced video editing skills.
  • Product updates: Synthesia STUDIO is rapidly evolving, adding new features and video creation capabilities weekly, based on customer feedback.

The Results

The team has achieved remarkable results using Synthesia:

Time saved for IDs: Zoom's instructional designers can now create videos 90% faster than before, producing content in less than an hour.

Video at scale: In just about 6 months, Daye alone has created over 200+ micro videos to help make sales training more engaging.

Time Saved for SMEs: Zoom's subject matter experts no longer need to record themselves, freeing up 15-20 hours each month to work on their actual job.

Enhanced Productivity: Thanks to AI video, both IDs and SMEs can work more efficiently. This results in monthly cost savings of $1,000 - $1,500 per employee previously spent on creating training videos.

Synthesia saves time for both SMEs and IDs. SMEs no longer need to record themselves, allowing them to focus on their primary responsibilities. IDs can create high-quality training content in less time. - Daye Collier, Senior Instructional Designer