How IP booked 35% more meetings at a trade show

August 19, 2021

(Un)popular opinion: trade shows are generally meh. 😒 All booths look kinda similar, with boring brochures and generic text on banners.

To avoid this at an upcoming trade show, Tolgar Alpagut, VP of Marketing at Infinite Peripherals, had a pretty cool idea: to set up 4 large screens and play 4 role-specific explainer videos created with Synthesia STUDIO.

Read below to learn about the results of his unconventional approach.

About Infinite Peripherals

Infinite Peripherals provides mobility and payment solutions for top Fortune 100 companies like Apple, Nike and Starbucks. If you bought your last coffee with a credit card, you probably used their terminal to do it.

The challenge

Tolgar had a clear goal when he signed up for the Modex trade show - to book more meetings with potential customers. But you know, high intent ones.

To achieve this, instead of the traditional booth setup where they played one generic explainer video, he decided to set up 4 large screens and play 4 role specific explainer videos for different customer segments.

Since time was of the essence, creating 4 explainer videos quickly seemed nearly impossible. Hiring actors and a third party to produce the videos was too expensive and would take up to a month to produce.

Tolgard was looking for a solution to quickly create professional looking explainer videos, without breaking the bank.

The solution

Tolgar decided to use Synthesia STUDIO to create 4 explainer videos with 4 different AI avatars to target different customer segments.

This allowed the sales team to choose which video to play when visitors came to their booth based on customer type and role.

For example, an IT manager or CEO would watch a different explainer video that specifically addressed their challenges and how Infinite Peripherals products solved them.

This approach led to more meaningful conversations between the sales representatives and a higher number of meetings booked.

In addition, the videos stood out and acted as a magnet for visitors.

Thanks to the role-specific explainer videos made with Synthesia STUDIO we booked 35% more meetings compared to previous events.

The results

⭐️ Meetings booked: The sales team booked 35% more meetings compared to previous events.

Video creation: It took 48 hours to create 4 professional explainer videos with Synthesia STUDIO, compared to 30 days if they had chosen to hire actors and third party vendors.

🧐 Better engagement: The role-specific explainer videos resulted in 40% more views than the generic explainer videos they had previously used, and created quite a buzz around their booth.

Today, customers expect personalised content across all channels, and while marketers have pretty much figured out how to do that online, offline experiences still lag behind.

Tolgar and Infinite Peripherals team has proven that with Synthesia STUDIO, anyone can create personalised video content to target specific audiences - at the right time and place, even at trade shows.

When planning your next trade show, we're here for you.