Herman & partnerji

Creative communications agency specialising in the implementation of AI technologies across various aspects of your business operations

Herman & Partners is a team of creative and strategic enthusiasts and trailblazers when it comes to new technologies. Their services range from creative strategies that include AI solutions and new (SAAS) product development to unique communication approaches that include the usage of Synthesia from B2B or B2C campaigns with (custom) avatars.

Herman & Partners are experts in seamlessly integrating Synthesia videos into your business processes, aiming to cut costs and support achieving your business objectives while finding a customised Synthesia solution tailored to individual client needs.

They engage closely with their clients throughout the process, from conducting an initial needs analysis to the final delivery and evaluation, ensuring that each unique requirement is met promptly and within budget.

How Can Herman & Partners help you?

  • Developing business and/or creative communication concepts that can benefit from Synthesia.
  • Implementing Synthesia videos in sales and marketing.
  • Improving customer experience through video integration.
  • Providing copywriting and video editing services (within Synthesia).
  • Creating custom avatars.
  • Simplifying the Synthesia video creation process for you.

What types of companies work with Herman & Partners?

Herman & Partners works with larger to mid-sized organisations that need help with complex projects or are just searching for a good partner in creative (crime)

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