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Create engaging videos in minutes using our editable AI video templates. Choose from a wide selection of customizable, professionally designed, and easy-to-use templates.
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Video Templates

Browse our collection of video templates to create a stunning professional video in minutes. Our handy categories separate the video templates by topics, so you can create a video that fits your needs in no time.

Oh, and did we mention all our video templates include hyper-realistic AI avatars with a text-to-speech function? Here's a brief overview of what's included:
  • Text to video function
  • 130+ realistic AI video avatars
  • 140+ text-to-speech languages
  • Screen recorder
  • Background, image, video, audio uploads

Frequently asked questions

What is a video template?

Video templates are editable videos that simplify the video creation process for a user. In essence, it's a pre-made video with a distinct design and transitions, which has content placeholders for text, photos, logos, and other video files.

How do you add a template to a video?

With Synthesia, the process is incredibly easy:

  1. Create a Synthesia STUDIO account
  2. Browse the 'Video Templates' page and its categories and view your favorite template.
  3. Click on 'Use the template in Synthesia STUDIO' and start editing the video in your browser.

Once the template is added to STUDIO, edit and adjust the video design as you please - find music, add your logo, AI presenters, photos, video elements, and more.

To finish, generate the video and download, stream, or embed it on your site - the choice is yours.

How do I customize a video template?

With Synthesia's editor, creating a video from scratch or using a template is as easy as writing an email.

If you're using video templates, all you need to do is choose the element you would like to edit and change it to whatever you need. For instance, you can replace an image, add music, logo reveals, videos, change the background color, create new shapes - the list can go on and on.

Add a personal touch to our video templates and bring into focus the things that matter most to you and your company.

We've created a whole course to help you get started with our templates.

How do I make an editable video template?

You can make an editable video template in Synthesia STUDIO to make video production even faster. Read more about how to make a custom video template on our blog.