How to save up to 50% on voiceover budgets

Senior Consultant

In this case study, you'll learn how a senior consultant at an international benefits consultancy used Synthesia to create financial educational webinars in multiple languages, saving up to 50% on their voice over budgets.

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up to 50%

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The Challenge

To help educate clients on financial wellness, the senior consultant and his team create narrated PowerPoint webinars as part of their consulting service for clients around the world.

The process of creating a webinar looked like this:

  1. The team would create slides and write scripts for the webinar.
  2. The material was then sent to a translation agency and translated.
  3. A contracted voiceover artist narrated the content in the relevant local language, and the voice recordings were manually synced with the PowerPoint presentation.

Although the end result met the goals of the consulting team, the process was labour intensive and had some limitations:

  • Lengthy production: It was time-consuming to go back and forth with the voiceover artists.
  • Cost: The costs of translation and voiceover actors were high.
  • Lack of flexibility: It was difficult to update a video once it was created because the consultants had to go back and find the same voiceover artist to re-record entire segments.

The solution

With Synthesia, the team now creates their webinars without relying on third-party voice-over providers, making content production cheaper, easier and faster

Here are 3 things the team values most:

  • Easy to use: Synthesia is simple and user-friendly, so that anyone can create the videos themselves - even without prior experience in video editing.
  • Flexibility: Once created, a video can be easily updated at any time, without having to start from the beginning.
  • Cost: Compared to hiring actors, studios and video equipment, Synthesia is cost-efficient, flexible and scalable.
When we saw the demo it immediately piqued our interest. We got an idea of how we could use it for our webinars on financial wellness. - Senior Consultant

The results

Using Synthesia, the team streamlined the video creation process, which has resulted in:

  • Cost savings: Up to 50% of the budget is saved compared to hiring voiceover actors
  • Scaled localisation: Ability to quickly create 12 language versions without having to resort to expensive VO artists
  • Increased engagement: Using different AI avatars to guide the viewer through the webinar makes the content more dynamic and personable.
Synthesia allows us to be flexible and update the content easily. We can change words and re-record small sections at any time. And the diversity of AI avatars is a great added bonus. - Senior Consultant