How Carlisle security trains over 10,000 employees in 7 languages

Joe Cowan
Information Security Program Manager

Carlisle Companies Incorporated is a leading supplier of innovative Building Envelope products and solutions for more energy efficient buildings. The company employees around 14,000, with more than 90 sites spread around the globe.

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We spoke with Joe Cowan, Information Security Program Manager at Carlisle, who shared how he uses Syntheisa to turn company and regulatory policies into easily understandable video content.

The challenge

Joe implements security controls across Carlisle's manufacturing sites to comply with policies and communicates them to relevant employees to close knowledge gaps.

Providing that knowledge in written form can be problematic, as it is often difficult to understand and not the most engaging format. Video, on the other hand, is a much more engaging medium, but it does come with a couple of challenges:

Expensive to create: Finding third-party vendors to develop training specifically for Carlisle was costly and required careful management of stakeholders.

Lack of specificity: Off-the-shelf training providers offer a variety of security training modules, but they were not specific enough for Carlisle's security training needs.

Time-consuming: Working with external partners would significantly increase the time it takes to release the training, especially considering the requirement to record it in multiple languages.

We looked at off-the-shelf security training options, but they were not specific enough to meet our needs. Opting for a vendor to create customized training turned out to be both expensive and time-consuming. - Joe Cowan, Information Security Program Manager

The solutions

When Joe encounters a deficiency that requires reinforcement through education, he creates a script and uploads it to Synthesia. He adds the relevant content to each scene, clicks on "generate," and the video is ready to be uploaded to Carlisle's LMS.

Here is what Joe values most about Synthesia:

Ease of use: Joe, with no prior experience in video editing, finds Synthesia easy to use, enabling him to become a video producer quickly and effortlessly.

Quick updates: When policy training needs updating, Joe can simply enter Synthesia, update the script, and hit 're-publish'. He no longer needs to rely on external agencies or re-record himself.

Voice quality: Joe has access to a wide range of voices in 140 languages. These voices sound natural and authentic when converting his script into speech.

People are video-centric. It's easier to explain things through videos rather than typing. Nobody wants to read it. You have to 'video' explain it. That's when they say, "Oh, now I get it!". Videos are more impactful, shorter, and enjoyable to watch. - Joe Cowan, Information Security Program Manager

The results

With Synthesia in his toolbox, Joe has started his own security training content machine and has achieved some impressive outcomes:

Localized video: Using Synthesia, Joe now creates security and policies training in 7 languages, including Spanish and Chinese.

Scalable video creation: Joe and the Carlisle Talent and Development teams have produced over 50 videos, quickly serving Carlisle's global workforce.

Time savings: A training video for phishing attacks was created in just 2 days, which is 90% faster than the 3 weeks it would have taken with externally sourced content.

Cost savings: Synthesia's translation feature has eliminated significant costs of content translation into multiple languages.