How Criteo uses AI video for newcomer onboarding

Rafael Badell
Learning Creative Designer

Criteo is publicly listed, global commerce media company that enables marketers and media owners to drive better commerce outcomes. Its leading ad-technology allows advertisers to launch multichannel and cross-device marketing campaigns in real time.

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created in less than 6 months.

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We spoke with Rafael Badell, Learning Creative Designer at Criteo, who shared how he utilized AI video to revamp Criteo's onboarding training.

The challenge

Rafael's first task as a Learning Designer at Criteo was to update the company's employee onboarding program. The program was in a good place, but the team felt it needed a fresh look. The training included quizzes, short texts, and videos.

However, updating the videos proved to be quite difficult due to the following reasons:

Time-consuming: Working with outside vendors took too long, and Rafael needed to produce the onboarding training quickly.

Lack of flexibility: If the need for updates were to arise, changing the existing training videos would be challenging and would require more time and resources to create new ones.

Costly: Paying an external vendor to reshoot all the introductory videos would have been expensive.

The solutions

Using Synthesia, Rafael receives a script from a Subject Matter Expert, gathers all the brand assets, and adds additional content to the scenes. He then selects an avatar, and voila – the video is ready to be generated and uploaded to Criteo's LMS.

Here’s an example of what a final training video looks like 👇

Here is what Rafael values most about Synthesia:

AI script generator: Script writing is the most time-consuming part of creating training videos. Synthesia's AI script generator speeds up this process, helping Rafael finalize a script faster.

Consistency: After Rafael has created all his brand assets, he can easily incorporate them into his videos, ensuring a consistent look and feel that enhances the learning experience.

Custom Avatar: Using a custom avatar in the onboarding training adds a personal touch to the entire experience, making it more engaging.

Using AI video in our training aligns well with our identity as a modern high-tech company that is making significant advancements in the advertising space. - Rafael Badell, Learning Creative Designer

The results

With the help of Synthesia, Rafael was able to single-handedly revamp the entire onboarding training experience, leading to some impressive results:

Efficient video production: Rafael can now create a training video in under 2 hours. He successfully updated the entire Criteo onboarding course in less than 6 months.

Scalable video creation: Rafael has personally worked on approximately 50 videos. Whenever there is an urgent need for a training video, he can quickly use Synthesia to create the content.

Positive feedback: Training attendees reached out to Rafael and expressed their excitement about the video quality during their training sessions.

I felt comfortable using Synthesia right from the beginning. It is incredibly easy and fast. It greatly assists me in maintaining design consistency and allows for quick content updates.- Rafael Badell, Learning Creative Designer