How Doculife does video marketing 20x faster

Eduard Dehgraf
Marketing & Sales Strategy Manager

Doculife is a German-based SaaS company that uses cutting-edge technology to perfectly connect documents, customer and employee data with Salesforce Apps to optimise business processes.

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faster in creating product explainer videos

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We spoke to Eduard Dehgraf, responsible for marketing and sales. He told us how his team can now easily implement a video-first marketing strategy using Synthesia.

The challenge

For their flagship product, One Profile, Eduard and his team wanted to implement a video marketing strategy instead of relying solely on text.

High-quality explainer videos would allow potential customers to explore the product at their own pace. This would buy some time for the commercial team, who were very busy with initial product demos.

Eduard made a first attempt and recorded videos himself. He created a script, recorded himself, and synchronised the audio with screen recordings of the product.

He quickly realised that scaling high-quality commercial videos with voice-over came with some significant limitations:

  • Scaleability: Without a big budget, it's almost impossible to scale a video production to fit a marketing campaign.
  • Speed: It took Eduard hours to create a video. Since he's not a professional voice actor, he had to do several takes before he was satisfied.
  • Cost: Given the tight schedule, video at scale was only possible with third-party vendors. But they're expensive, with an average price of $3,000 per finished minute.

The Doculife team was no longer thinking about creating videos in the traditional way, but was looking for new ways to create video content at scale.

The solution

With Synthesia, Eduard can now create high-quality product explainer videos faster than ever before.

He no longer has to record himself hundreds of times to achieve the right pronunciation and consistent intonation in the video.

Here is the One Profile explainer video Eduard made with Synthesia:

With Synthesia, the process of video creation has now been greatly simplified:

  1. Eduard writes a script and pastes it into Synthesia’s script field.
  2. He selects an avatar and uploads screen recordings.
  3. He quickly makes sure that the script and the uploaded video footage match and generates the video.

Here are 5 reasons why Eduard loves Synthesia:

  • Speed: Video creation with Synthesia is fast! Eduard is finally able to scale video production to get his marketing campaigns out on time.
  • Cost: Synthesia can save 80% of your marketing budget, it's really hard to beat this with any other service.
  • AI Avatars & Voices: The 140+ diverse stock AI Avatars and 120+ AI voices provide an easy way to create engaging, relatable video content without having to hire actors or record voiceovers.
  • Avatar quality: people can't even notice it's an avatar and love the videos created with Synthesia.
  • Flexibility: Once created, a video can be easily updated at any time, without having to start from the beginning.

The results

Since using Synthesia, Doculife’s video production process has picked up speed:

  • Time saving: Eduard and the team now create high-quality product explainer videos 20x faster than before.
  • Cost saving: Doculife can create more videos at a fraction of the price compared to the traditional video process.

The team is confident that, thanks to Synthesia, their video marketing strategy will produce more qualified leads and save them valuable time and resources.

In the near future, the team plans to deploy more high-quality video content at various customer touchpoints (e.g., by embedding video chatbots on their website).