How Druva boosts sales training effectiveness with AI Video

Wilson Lee
Sales Enablement Lead

Druva enables cyber, data and operational resiliency with the Data Resiliency Cloud, the industry's first and only at-scale SaaS solution, backed by a $10 million Data Resiliency Guarantee. Druva has transformed how data is secured, protected and utilized by more than 5,000 businesses, including 60 of the Fortune 500.

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training videos in 6 months


created for SDR, AE, and Partner SE teams with the help of Synthesia

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We spoke with Wilson Lee and Zack Cody from Druva's Enablement team. They shared how Synthesia enables them to train sales reps faster and more effectively, with easy to make and professional video content.

The Challenge

Technologies that address data and cyber resiliency are highly complex — and keeping sales professionals up-to-date on Druva’s highly innovative, fast-changing products can be challenging.  

Wilson (Sales Enablement Lead) and Zack (Technical Enablement Specialist) were on a mission to enhance the capabilities of the sales team through effective training, onboarding, and documentation. Their strategy hinged on using a combination of video and live training to facilitate clearer and more impactful learning experiences.

However, the Druva Enablement team encountered several hurdles:

  • Consistency: Different leaders were using different training methods, including live sessions and basic screen recordings. This led to varied content that was not always clear and concise for the sales team.
  • Speed: Subject matter experts have limited bandwidth to record training videos, and it could take a lot of time to develop new videos for the team.
  • Recording Constraints: Producing clear and concise training materials was a challenge and trainers often grappled with substandard audio and limited video editing options.
  • Recording Disruptions: Live training sessions were frequently interrupted by modern workplace realities, such as unexpected Slack notifications or technical hiccups during screen sharing.
Oftentimes the enablement team received feedback from reps around audio and recording quality. To keep learners focused and driving toward training goals, there had to be a better way to improve video training with better quality and clear learning objectives in each one. - Wilson Lee, Sales Enablement Lead, Druva

The Solution

With Synthesia, Druva’s Enablement Team transformed the way they develop training content, becoming far more efficient. They can now quickly create engaging mock scenario videos that encourage active participation and practice among sales teams, leading to improved skill development and knowledge retention.

Here’s what the team values most about Synthesia: 

  • Effective Content Creation: Synthesia gives the team the ability to create concise, crisp videos.
  • Rapid Content Iteration: The ability to rapidly update content on the fly also helps with the effectiveness of content when things change. 
  • Personalised Training Solutions: Creating personalised Avatars of team members and voices help reps see familiar faces when watching content.
  • Enhanced Throughput: Synthesia allows for an easier handoff of knowledge and content. Enablement leaders are able to create training content without always needing the subject matter expert to do a live video recording. Enablement leads are able to collect learning objectives and create trainings that align with company goals, verified by the subject matter expert. 
  • Diverse Voiceover Options: Synthesia's extensive library of over 800+ AI Voices enables the team to effectively communicate training information, saving time previously spent on manual voice recordings.
What we really needed was a middle ground between what the presenters wanted to share and what the reps are likely to use in their calls. Live session questions usually lead to a tangent, whereas Synthesia can keep sessions short and focused. - Wilson Lee, Sales Enablement Lead, Druva

The Results

By turning to AI video creation, Druva has significantly enhanced its sales training program. The transition to more efficient, engaging, and customisable training methods has not only improved learning experiences but also contributed to the overall effectiveness and success of the sales team.

The results speak for themselves:

  • Scalability and Reach: 2 hours of recorded content was shortened to under 30 minutes. Druva has been able to create over dozens of training videos in 6 months to uniformly distribute across the organisation.
  • Autonomy and Customisation: The Enablement Team gained the ability to craft custom scenarios solo, eliminating the need to rely on external resources or subject matter experts for creating training materials. The feedback loop was drastically shortened because the subject matter expert no longer had to create content, only review.
  • Quality and Engagement: Training has become more concise, relevant, engaging and effective, leading to specific learning outcomes. The videos serve as examples of how to execute the tasks the sellers are expected to perform in their workday.
Synthesia shortens the feedback loop dramatically. I don't have to wait days to get information, if someone points me in the right direction I can create several drafts in about 20 minutes. It completely eliminated the need to chase people down which could take hours or days depending on how busy people are. - Zack Cody, Technical Enablement Specialist, Druva