How EPOS achieved a 90% learning completition rate with AI video.

Kristine Højsager Jensen
Digital Learning Specialist

EPOS is a premium audio solutions company that is fully owned by the Demant Group and based in Copenhagen, Denmark. With over 115 years of audio expertise, EPOS operates globally, with offices and partners in more than 60 countries.

Mid-Market: 100 - 1k

Key Results:


channel partners reached.


videos in 40 training modules.


time saved.

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We interviewed Kristine Højsager Jensen, Digital Learning Specialist at EPOS. She discussed how AI video technology simplified training content production and improved the learning experience for distributors and resellers.

The Challenge

EPOS partners with a global network to distribute their high-quality audio solutions to major enterprise companies. These partners need to quickly understand EPOS' unique selling points for various products.

Kristine's job is to create that training and provide partners with the necessary tools to sell EPOS products to be prioritized during sales discussions. However, she faced limitations when trying to enhance the training experience:

Low engagement: Creating text-based material lacks engagement and support for knowledge retention, especially considering that partners who sell competitive products will be using this training.

Hard to localize: There was a discussion about recording videos internally, but recording three people speaking in different languages would be time-consuming and expensive.

Lack of flexibility: If she were to shoot her own videos, any small updates to the training would require reshoots, which requires a lot of effort.

We quickly realized that recording video ourselves would be a very costly endeavor. Flying in experts, shooting, editing, and re-editing if updates are necessary. It's not scalable. - Kristine Højsager Jensen , Digital Learning Specialist

The Solution

By creating training content with Synthesia, Kristine is now able to take on new tasks more efficiently as she is no longer completely overwhelmed with work.

Here's how she creates her videos in Synthesia:

She writes the script in Synthesia STUDIO based on input from subject matter experts. Then, she selects a custom brand template, adds an avatar, and relevant content to each scene. Finally, she generates the video, ready for publishing on the Partner Learning Management System.

That’s what a final video looks like 👇

Here's what Kristine finds most useful about Synthesia:

Quick updates: Kristine can easily update the training video script and generate a new video at any time to keep the training content up-to-date.

Localized voice-overs: Now Kristine can create training videos in English, French, and German without relying solely on subtitles or creating expensive voice-overs.

Branded templates: By using a custom-made template that adheres to EPOS branding guidelines, Kristine can quickly create professional-looking content.

With Synthesia, we can create videos specifically designed for learning, rather than trying to repurpose marketing videos in a learning context. - Kristine Højsager Jensen, Digital Learning Specialist

The Results

After using Synthesia for approximately a year, Kristine, has made impressive progress.

Increased learning engagement: Video-based training has led to an impressive completion rate of more than 90% of users who have signed up to EPOS' partner portal.

Time savings: Kristine saves 50% of her time by creating a 5-minute video in about 2 hours, compared to creating content in PowerPoint for sharing with the translation agency.

Video at scale: Being the only eLearning creator, Kristine created over 100 learning videos and populated 40 training modules to provide product education to distributors and resellers.

Channel partners find video training more appealing than reading text. They appreciate the ease of digesting the content. - Kristine Højsager Jensen, Digital Learning Specialist