How Fiery uses AI video to train 50,000 learners in 8 languages

Pedro da Silva
Global Educational Services Manager

Fiery, LLC is the leading provider of digital front ends (DFEs) and workflow solutions for the growing industrial and graphic arts print industries.

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We spoke with Pedro da Silva, Global Educational Services Manager, who uses Synthesia to create engaging e-learning videos for over 50,000 learners, including employees, partners, distributors, and end customers.

The challenge

With over 50,000 learners on the Fiery® learning management platform, Pedro and his team need to ensure that their e-learning content is always up-to-date. The team used to record themselves to provide an engaging learning experience, but this came with a couple of challenges:

Lack of flexibility: Entire videos needed to be re-recorded whenever a small change was needed.

Untrained cast: Non-native English speakers felt uncomfortable recording content.

Hard to localise: Localising content for different regions was a complex and costly task using live talent.

Costly production: Filming and audio equipment were costly and cumbersome. 

The solution

With Synthesia, Pedro's team can swiftly generate and update e-learning videos in multiple languages at the comfort of their remote locations.

1. Once they receive the final script from subject matter experts, the team translates it using DeepL and uploads it to Synthesia.

2. Using a brand template, an avatar is selected and the necessary details are added to the scenes.

3. The team hits generate and in minutes a new learning video is available.

This is what a final training video looks like (localised in English and Spanish)👇

Here’s what the team values about Synthesia:

Continuous updates: Synthesia regularly rolls out new features, keeping the platform fresh and ahead of the curve.

Flexibility: Updating content is a breeze, saving time that would otherwise be spent re-recording, while also maintaining high-quality audio and visual components.

AI Avatars & Voices: The high quality of Synthesia's avatars and voices provide a professional and engaging learning experience.

We can record anytime and anywhere with greater speed, simplicity, and ease. It not only optimizes work schedules but also increases productivity and benefits the quality of our educational materials.- Pedro da Silva, Global Educational Services Manager

The Results

Fiery has seen notable improvements to its e-learning production process:

Localised content: The team is now able to localise training content into 8 different languages, enhancing engagement with their diverse learning audiences. 

Video at scale: In the first year alone, Pedro's team created more than 1000 videos for use in over 150 e-learning courses, maintaining consistency in quality even when quick updates are needed.

Time savings: The team successfully reduced the video update time by a remarkable 87% when using Fiery and Synthesia together. This means that what once took 4 hours per video now only requires a mere 30 minutes.

No more video equipment: The setup time for equipment has been completely eliminated, previously taking 30 minutes but now reduced to zero. 

Greater flexibility: Fiery’s educational architects are now able to work remotely instead of travelling to the office to record videos in a specialized studio. 

We save up to 40% by creating new videos and even more time updating existing content. Instead of re-recording the entire video, we can now upload the updated script and render a new video instantly. - Pedro da Silva, Global Educational Services Manager