How HENNGE creates investor update videos in half the time

Ayaka Aoe
Investor Relations Specialist

HENNGE is a publicly listed IT company based in Tokyo. It provides cloud security solutions to clients in various industries.

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time savings.

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We spoke with Ayaka Aoe, Investor Relations Specialist, and Ryo Kobayashi, CFO, about their use of Synthesia for creating AI-generated videos for quarterly investor updates.

The Challenge:

Following its public debut on the Tokyo stock exchange in 2019, HENNGE held its first investor relations meeting in person. However, after the COVID-19 outbreak, the company was unable to continue with on-site meetings.

To not miss the face-to-face interaction between HENNGE's C-level executives and investors, the team decided to use video moving forward. However, they soon realized that creating traditional videos had some limitations:

  • Labour intensive: The team had to organize equipment and a green screen studio, and then spend at least a day shooting their busy C-level executives.
  • Lack of flexibility: Updating the videos once they were created was a challenging task, and reshooting would require additional time and resources.
  • Time-consuming: The entire process of creating a video in both English and Japanese would take a minimum of one week, including pre-production, shooting, review, and editing. Re-shoots excluded.
We would at least spend 2-3 hours shooting, and sometimes we would be asked back on set because there was an error. - Ryo Kobayashi, CFO

The Solution:

Using Synthesia, HENNGE was able to streamline the video production process and free up valuable time for their C-level executives.

The team has created two realistic custom avatars of their executives. Now, the team can generate videos from their desk.

After creating the transcripts, Ayaka uploads them to Synthesia and generates the video. As the last step, the video is uploaded to YouTube and then shared with investors and analysts via email.

Here's how realistic the last quarterly investor looks like👇

Here’s what the team values about Synthesia:

  • Ease of use: The process of creating videos is simplified, and major video editing expertise is not needed.
  • Flexible to update: The team can easily replace errors in the video content without having to reshoot it.
  • Realistic Custom Avatars: The Custom Avatars of HENNGE's executives enable the team to create highly personalized video content.
We have compared Synthesia with other services and concluded that it's the best. The custom avatars are the most realistic and high quality we have ever seen. - Ayaka Aoe, Investor Relations Specialist

The Results:

After switching to Synthesia and creating the first AI investor relations video, they instantly saw great results.

Time savings: The team was able to reduce the video creation process from 5 days to 2.5 days, resulting in a 50% time savings.

Attention by Media: The AI financial update videos captured the attention of Japanese media, who were amazed by the realistic looks of the Custom Avatars.

We save a lot of time for the C-level and fully embrace our company's vision to use the latest technology in our business.  - Ryo Kobayashi, CFO

HENNGE is trying to expand the business globally and may localize its investor relation  presentations. They'll be using Synthesia to get the job done.