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Kübra Demircan
Customer Support Specialist

Intenseye is a category-defining workplace safety platform based on cutting-edge AI. Using cameras present in facilities, they empower environment, health and safety (EHS) teams to detect unseen hazards and save lives through proactive measures. The platform protects 100,000+ workers in 23+ countries around the world.

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We spoke with Kübra Demircan, Customer Support Specialist at Intenseye, to learn how she uses Synthesia to turn Help Centre articles into short videos.

The challenge

Kübra's team is responsible for supporting customers around the world in different time zones. To give customers the support they need, Kübra has documented all processes, instructions and FAQs in a central help centre with over 30 articles.

However, she's found that customers didn't always have the time or the will to read a long article. This is especially true for processes that are more complex and require visual support.

Knowing that viewers retain 95% of a video's message compared to 10% when reading text, Kübra sought a solution to turn existing help articles into short videos and provide a better experience for customers.

When she was looking for ways to create traditional video content, she saw some red flags:

  • Cost: Video production isn't cheap. It requires investment in actors, film equipment, a studio and much more.
  • Lengthy production: The creation of a video takes a long time, sometimes up to 30 days.
  • Lack of flexibility: It is really difficult to update videos once created, it  requires additional time and resources to recreate the videos.
  • Translation: Localisation of traditional video content is time-consuming, costly and difficult to scale.
Because our customers vary widely in terms of their technical knowledge, we should ensure that they have access to information in the format they prefer and are comfortable with, at a time that's convenient for them. - Kübra Demirca, Customer Support Specialist at Intenseye

In order to work with video, she had to find an alternative. A solution that would allow her team to create help videos on a large scale without needing experience in video editing.

The solution

Kübra decided to leverage the Synthesia AI video platform to turn existing Help Centre articles into short 2-minute AI videos.

Here’s how she turned written articles into short how-to videos in less than an hour:

  1. Kübra converted existing articles into bite-sized scripts (in 4 different languages).
  2. With Synthesia’s in-built screen recorder, she recorded relevant content.
  3. She selected one of 140+ AI avatars.

And done!

Here's an example of one of the videos that Kübra and her team created:

This is what Kübra and her team appreciate most about Synthesia:

  • Cost: Compared to hiring voice over actors or agencies, Synthesia is cost-efficient, flexible and scalable.
  • Ease of use: The platform is easy to use and includes all the necessary video editing features to create high-quality training videos without the need for additional tools.
  • Flexibility: Once created, a video can be easily updated at any time, without having to start from the beginning.
  • Localisation: Synthesia can generate videos with 120+ languages and accents, allowing to reach new countries without leaving the desk.
  • AI Avatars & Voices: The 140+ diverse stock AI Avatars and 120+ AI voices provide an easy way to create engaging, relatable video content without having to hire actors or record voiceovers.
Synthesia is super user-friendly. I actually had fun working with it, and it took me less than an hour to create a 2-minute video, without needing any other tools or external help. - Kübra Demirca, Customer Support Specialist at Intenseye

The results

After the adoption of Synthesia, Intenseye’s support team witnessed great impact on their existing processes:

  • Expansion: Kübra and her team created 52 videos in 4 languages for the help centre, unlocking engaging support for their key markets.
  • Optimisation: The team was able to turn 30 knowledge base articles into 13 digestible videos.
  • Time savings: Kübra and her team can now create more help videos than ever imagined.
  • Cost savings: Compared to traditional video, the team can create content at a fraction of the cost.

The AI videos created with Synthesia also proved to be a helpful resource for onboarding new employees at Intenseye.

In the near future, Kübra plans to localise the videos for 11 more markets to help customers find the right information at the right time and in their native language.

Synthesia is the #1 AI Video Creation Platform. Our AI Video Generator enables everyone to create professional videos without mics, cameras, actors or studios.

Using AI, we’re radically changing the process of video content creation, making it scalable and affordable while maintaining high quality.

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