How LATAM Airlines trains 16,000 employees in 3 languages

Paulo Sandoval Calderon
Support Areas Training Analyst

LATAM Airlines is the leading airline in South America with the largest destinations, frequencies and aircraft fleet offer. LATAM has the largest network of domestic destinations in five South American markets and international operations across the globe.

Enterprise: 1000+

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We spoke with Paulo Sandoval Calderon, Support Areas Training Analyst, at LATAM Airlines. He spoke about how he and his coworkers are leveraging AI video to create training for the entire organization of 37,000+ employees.

The Challenge

Paulo and his colleagues are developing training materials for various operational areas (cargo, cabin crew, sales, etc.) and support areas (finance, HR, etc.). Their challenge is transforming technical or regulatory content into engaging training materials.

For these topics, they prefer not to rely solely on text-based content but existing video solutions also present several challenges:

Text based content is not engaging: People typically favor learning through videos over text because videos cater to all types of learners.

Costly and slow video production: Paulo and his coworkers began recording their voices and even the actors. However, this process was not only highly time-consuming, but also quite expensive.

Challenging update: Updating the created video content, due to policy changes or other reasons, was difficult as it required reshooting the entire video.

People are less likely to consume text-based content. For example, even with aviation policy manuals available, it can be challenging to encourage people to read them. Employees are typically more inclined to engage with video content. - Paulo Sandoval Calderon, Support Areas Training Analyst

The Solution

Paulo and his colleagues can now create entire videos conveniently from their desks.

They upload the script, select an avatar, populate the scenes with relevant text and elements, and press 'generate'. The videos are then ready for review and distribution through the Learning Management System (LMS).

That’s what a final video looks like 👇

Here's what we appreciate most about Synthesia:

Quick Updates: Whenever existing videos requires updating, Paulo and his coworkers can easily edit the script and regenerate it.

High-Quality Support: Paulo values the hands-on support he receives from Synthesia, which offers specific and actionable advice to answer any questions that arise.

Ease of Use: The platform provides all the essential video editing features needed to create high-quality learning content videos, without requiring additional tools or editing expertise.

Synthesia is very intuitive to use. Unlike other tools, where finding the right functionalities can be a struggle, Synthesia has everything readily available. It's not complicated at all.  - Paulo Sandoval Calderon, Support Areas Training Analyst

The Results

Synthesia has become a fundamental part of Paulo’s toolbox, which is manifested by some very impressive results he and the coworkers achieved:

Video at Scale: Paulo and his coworkers have been working on 300+ videos, circulating across the entire organisation, reaching over 16.000+ learners.

Time Savings: The team used to take 30 to 60 days to make a training video. Now, they can do it in just 5 days at most, which is at least an 83% cut in production time.

Localisation: Paulo can now easily create training video content in Spanish, Portuguese and English, using Synthesia’s 1-Click Translation.

Better knowledge retention: Not only has Paulo seen a decrease in course completion time, but failure rates have also dropped.

Learners prefer engaging content over text and often lack the time for sit-down learning. Synthesia meets these needs by providing an affordable and efficient alternative to conventional video production.  - Paulo Sandoval Calderon, Support Areas Training Analyst