How Modern Canada’s video creation went from weeks to hours


Modern Canada is an established leader in commercial cleaning, providing exceptional service to Canada's best-known brands for over 20 years. The Modern franchisee network has over 500 franchisees who provide 100% sustainable and high-quality service from coast to coast.

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We spoke with Marc Gélineau, Director of Operational Excellence, and Thomas Daigle, Director, Franchise Business development – West, about how they use Synthesia to deliver training and communications across Canada.

The Challenge

Marc and Thomas ensure all national and regional franchisees have the tools and training they need to provide best-in-class services. To achieve good learning experiences Modern Canada traditionally worked with external production agencies to create videos for their LMS. However, this approach came with many limitations as the business continued to scale: 

  • Inefficient Process: It often took about 3 to 4 weeks to produce a single video from concept to final cut
  • Limited Flexibility: Changes and modifications to videos once created were laborious and often necessitated restarting the entire process from scratch
  • Costly Production: The price per video could reach between $5,000 to $8,000, and even more if edits were required
  • Lack of Personalisation: Due to the expense, traditional production didn't allow for customisation or personalisation of videos
“When giving feedback on the produced videos you had to make sure that the second time was the one you would use, so that you don't exceed the budget, as these modifications would come with a hefty sum.”
- Thomas Daigle, Director, Franchise Business Development – West

The Solution

Synthesia stepped in to solve these challenges by enabling Modern Canada to create and modify videos rapidly, in-house. Instead of a drawn-out process involving an external agency, Marc and Thomas can now input their script, select the avatar and voice, and review their generated video in minutes.

Here’s what Modern Canada value most:

  • Speed: Video production went from weeks to hours with Synthesia’s easy to use features and interface
  • Flexibility: It’s quick and easy to modify and update video content in Synthesia, significantly improving adaptability
  • Quality: Synthesia's 140+ AI Avatars and 120 voices ensure consistent, high-quality videos with voiceovers, every time
  • Rapid Prototyping: Preview and commenting features enable the team to get feedback and make changes quickly 
  • Diction: With the option to spell phonetically, Synthesia enables the team to ensure perfect pronunciation in both English and Canadian French
  • Personalisation: Synthesia’s rapid video generation means the team can afford to create personalised videos for their franchisees and improve customer experience 
“Synthesia is so easy to use. If you really put your energy into it, within 2 hours, you could have something that's very decent to present to someone. This is one of the things I love about Synthesia right there.”
- Marc Gélineau, Director of Operational Excellence

The Results

Not long after switching to Synthesia, Modern Canada has started to see tangible results:

  • Reduced Costs: Synthesia saves Modern Canada approximately $6000 per video
  • Improved Turnaround Time: Synthesia cuts creation time by 90%, meaning what used to take weeks now only takes a few hours
  • Scalable Video Creation: In-house video creation with a single tool has enabled Modern Canada to create 100+ videos in their first six months 
  • Increased Flexibility: The ability to make swift and easy changes to video content is now possible
  • Enhanced Quality: Synthesia's AI technology ensures professional quality and consistently branded videos every time
“So right now buying a license or licenses of Synthesia saves us a whole lot of money and we can edit it until the end of the night without any problems and no extra fees. So, this is what we love about Synthesia.”
- Marc Gélineau, Director of Operational Excellence

On its journey of continued innovation, Modern Canada sees Synthesia as an integral part of its content creation process, with the team keen to start exploring Synthesia’s AI assisted script writing capabilities.