How Northwest Healthcare Properties uses video for business transformation training

Dipto Chakraborty
Organizational Change Management Lead

Northwest Healthcare Properties is an international real estate investment trust (REIT) headquartered in Toronto, Canada. It owns and operates a portfolio of healthcare real estate across the Americas, Europe, and Australasia.

Mid-Market: 100 - 1k
Financial Services

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We spoke with Dipto Chakraborty, the Organizational Change Management Lead at NWH REIT. He described how he used Synthesia to skill up NWH employees for a business transformation project.

The Challenge

Dipto joined Northwest Healthcare Properties REIT to enable streamlining business processes by implementing Workday, an HR software. His role was to drive the adoption of new, standardized HR processes to meet the needs of the rapidly growing global organization.

For change management projects, clear communication and training are vital. Given the scale of this transformation, Dipto planned interactive live training sessions. However, he believed that this format alone wouldn't guarantee knowledge retention.

These were the challenges he identified when relying solely on live training:

Recorded sessions hinder easy navigation: For employees who want to revisit a certain point in the recorded live session, it can be time-consuming to find the relevant information.

Difficult to update: Live sessions are challenging to edit after they've been conducted, making them a less favorable format when business processes change and need updated training.

Text-based content wasn't preferred: Most people prefer learning through bite-sized videos instead of text. These videos offer a more engaging experience and promote better retention.

One-time training often fails to fully equip employees with new software skills. Balancing proficiency with the organization's stretched resources necessitates modular training that is accessible 24x7. Access to ‘just in time’ and ‘just what I need’ training promotes employee confidence and drives adoption. - Dipto Chakraborty, Organizational Change Management Lead

The Solution

With Synthesia, Dipto can now easily transfer relevant new knowledge and skills in the form of brief videos.

He writes the script and uploads it to Synthesia, adding relevant screenshots. After choosing a voice and an avatar, the video is set for generation. He then makes these videos available on-demand for employees to review anytime, anywhere.

Here's what we appreciate most about Synthesia:

Quick Updates: If existing videos need changes, Dipto can simply change the script and/or screenshots and regenerate the videos.

Ease of Use: The platform equips users with all the required video editing features for crafting high-quality content videos, without the need for additional tools or specialized editing skills.

Consistent training experience: Video-based training ensures consistent knowledge transfer for both existing and new employees.

The Results

With Synthesia at his disposal, Northwest Healthcare Properties REIT is successfully supporting its employees on an ongoing basis through its business process transformation.

Video at Scale: Dipto single-handedly created 30+ videos, which were socialized with more than 300 employees to support the implementation and adoption of the new HR system and processes.

Speed: Using Synthesia, a 2-3 minute video can be created in around an hour. This speed of content creation was crucial for the success of the project.

Localization: Training can now be translated into German and French efficiently and shared with colleagues worldwide.