How PALFINGER Implements Video for 9,000 Learners

Alois A.
Team Lead Learning Experience

PALFINGER AG is a global technology and mechanical engineering company. As the world's leading producer and provider of innovative crane and lifting solutions, it employs around 12,700 people. It also operates 30 manufacturing sites and 5,000 service points.


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We interviewed Alois A., the Team Lead of Learning Experience in the department Global Training & Knowledge Transfer at PALFINGER. He shared how he and his colleagues use Synthesia to provide the PALFINGER’s sales and service network with engaging and impactful learning experiences.

The Challenge

Alois and his team are responsible for the creation of (digital) interactive experience, with focus on active learning and emotional impact to engage the learner of sales and service network.

While they have repurposed existing videos in the past, Alois sought to enrich existing learning experiences with more video content. However, several obstacles prevented him from fully committing to this approach:

Time-consuming: Traditional video shooting involves actors, voice-overs, and complex editing tools. This process is not suited for the fast-paced needs of learning content, as it requires considerable time and effort.

Challenging to Update: Updating existing video or audio content often necessitates reshooting or re-recording, which is time-consuming.

Costly: Whether in-house or outsourced, video shooting is expensive. The cost often outweighs the benefits of providing a video experience.

At times, large amounts of text can be overwhelming and may go unread. To alleviate this issue, we find video can be a compelling and engaging format. - Alois A., Team Lead Learning Experience, PALFINGER

The Solution

Using Synthesia, Alois and his colleagues can now swiftly produce engaging and professional-looking content.

The team either receives a video creation request from one of PALFINGER's trainers, or the trainers create the videos themselves. The creation process is straightforward: They create a script, select a voice and an avatar, and just like that, the video is ready to be integrated into the relevant LMS modules.

Here's what Alois appreciates most about Synthesia:

Quick Updates: Whenever existing videos requires updating, Alois can easily edit the script and regenerate it.

Ease of Use: The platform provides all the essential video editing features needed to create high-quality learning content videos, without requiring additional tools or editing expertise.

Localisation: Synthesia can generate videos with 120+ languages and accents, allowing to reach new countries without leaving the desk.

The Results

Since using Synthesia for learning experience videos, Alois and his team have made impressive progress:

Fast video production: With Synthesia, Alois and his colleagues are now able to create simple  videos in less than a day while complex ones can be created within a week.

Video learning at scale: The team has created over 300 videos that are being deployed to 9000 learners in the sales and support networks.

New learners engaged: With AI video in their toolbox, Alois and his team successfully engaged learning audiences that were previously difficult to reach.