How to train 4000+ bar staff members with AI video

Frederik Møller Riis
L&D E-Learning Specialist

Founded in 2007, REKOM has put their bars and nightclubs on the map. Today, the Danish company operates over 200 bars, pubs and nightclubs with 7000+ employees in multiple countries across Scandinavia and the UK.


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We spoke with Frederik Møller Riis, L&D E-Learning Specialist at Rekom, who shared how he uses Synthesia to create learning content to train 1000s of employees in bars and nightclubs around Northern Europe.

The challenge

Frederik creates onboarding training for 4000+ nightlife staff, including bartenders, wardrobe staff, cleaning staff, and others. The training covers topics like conflict management, guest service excellence and more.

Frederik would record himself - or another specialist - for e-learning or have some of his colleagues provide on-site training. However, the team realized this was not scalable due to REKOM's rapid expansion into new markets.

Time Consuming: Frederik spent a lot of time recording himself. Turning those recordings into training videos could take weeks or months, especially during post-production.

Lack of flexibility: If there was a mistake or content that needed updating, Frederik would have to start the entire process from the beginning.

Costly: Providing on-site training at scale would mean high travel expenses, which would increase costs due to the need to train staff in new locations.

Continuing in-person training at the scale we’re growing would have become costly, with expenses such as new hires and travel.Investing in Synthesia has proven to greatly support our learning’s reach and scalability. - Frederik Møller Riis, L&D E-Learning Specialist

The solutions

Since having Synthesia in his Toolbox, Frederik is much more agile in creating content and has built an impressive process to create training videos at scale.

He created a script template which Subject Matter Experts are using to write training video content. He then uploads the script to Synthesia, pulls in relevant assets and adds content to each scene and voilà – after reviewing the content, the video can be generated and uploaded to REKOM’s LMS.

Here’s an example of what a final training video looks like 👇

Here is what Frederik values most about Synthesia:

Ease of use: The platform includes all the necessary video editing features to create high-quality training videos even without any video editing experience.

Flexibility: Once created, a video can be easily updated at any time, without having to start from the beginning.

Templates: Customizable templates save time and ensure consistency in video content.

With Synthesia, we can work faster and with more flexibility than before. I can respond to people's feedback immediately.- Frederik Møller Riis, L&D E-Learning Specialist

The results

Considering that Frederik is the only ones creating e-learning, the results are stunning.

Scalable video creation: Frederik alone has worked on videos for over 325 finished modules, across more than 40 courses in 4 different languages.

E-learning completion: Since using Synthesia, 2,975 online courses have been completed by REKOM employees, proving the value of e-learning scaling REKOMs business.

Time savings: Frederik used to take 2 months to release a self-recorded training video relying heavily on in-house videographers. With Synthesia, he now saves 74% of that time (Including script writing and review iterations!).