How Sazerac engages 50+ sales reps with remote training videos

Caroline Goldsmith
Regional Sales Performance Coach

Sazerac Company, Inc. is the largest spirits companies in the United States, selling over 450+ brands.

Enterprise: 1000+

Key Results:


increase in training engagement


sales reps trained with AI video


distributors trained with AI video

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We spoke with Caroline Goldsmith, Regional Sales Performance Coach at Sazerac. She told us how she uses AI video to train her regional reps in a scaleable and engaging way.

The Challenge

Caroline trains sales leaders and reps across 5 US states. The regional sales team has grown rapidly in the past 2 years, making it difficult to provide in-person training for all remote colleagues.

To make training accessible to all sales colleagues, Caroline recorded her voice over PowerPoint presentations. However, this approach posed a few challenges:

Lack of flexibility: Recording herself was time-consuming and required rerecording her voice for every small update.

Low engagement: Creating Powerpoints is easy, but they can feel outdated, which is especially important in sales where engaging content is crucial for knowledge retention.

Consistency: It was difficult to ensure consistency in the training content, as different trainers had different coaching styles.

Our sales team is widely dispersed, making it challenging to engage them remotely, especially given the rapid expansion of the team. - Caroline Goldsmith, Regional Sales Performance Coach

The Solution

With Synthesia at her disposal, Caroline was able to create a course on the spirit category that helps learners understand the ins and outs of specific spirits, such as Tequila.

This is her process: Caroline writes the script and uploads it to Synthesia. Then, she selects one of her pre-made branded templates, chooses an avatar, adds relevant content to each scene, and the video is ready to be uploaded to Sazerac's LMS.

That’s what a final video looks like 👇

Here's what Caroline appreciates most about Synthesia:

Quick to update: Caroline can update the training video script and generate a new video anytime, to keep the training up-to-date.

Branded Templates: Templates with the Sazerac logo and brand colors ensures that training videos look consistent and easy to work with.

No editing expertise needed: Synthesia is quick to learn and easy to use. No need for any advanced video editing skills.

It’s so much easier and looks so much better. I rolled out the course and the reaction was great - People loved it. - Caroline Goldsmith, Regional Sales Performance Coach

The Results

Samantha made great progress in scaling the quality training curriculum by utilizing AI video:

Increased learning engagement: The category training course experienced a 200% increase in engagement compared to other optional courses.

Remote training at scale: Now, Caroline can provide engaging training to over 50 sales colleagues, who can access it on-demand.

Training business partners: Caroline's training has been highly praised, prompting her to adapt the course for training over 20 distributors.

Sales reps need digestible content at their own time. Synthesia helps me meet those needs while maintaining a professional learning experience. - Caroline Goldsmith, Regional Sales Performance Coach