How ScanSource trains sales reps and saves 1000s of dollars

Kristen Fraessdorf
Sales Enablement Manager

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We spoke with Kristen Fraessdorf, Sales Enablement Manager at ScanSource. She shared how Synthesia has empowered her small team to disseminate commercial knowledge within the sales organization and to the buyer side in a more engaging and efficient manner.

The Challenge

Kristen and her team are responsible for developing large-scale commercial training for hundreds of learners, aiming to train, educate and promote knowledge retention. They used to use text or voice-over PowerPoints, but this caused some challenges:

Text is less engaging: Sales folks generally prefer learning through videos rather than text, as videos allow on-the-go training and cater to all types of learners.

Long development times: Kristen and her colleague were spending 40 hours a month on course development, making it difficult to meet high training demands.

Flexibility: Making changes to content with voice overs would necessitate additional time and resources, potentially causing significant delays for the team.

The challenge we faced in sales enablement was juggling support for multiple departments with a small team. We needed to develop training that reduced development time while remaining up-to-date with current technologies. - Kristen Fraessdorf, Sales Enablement Manager at ScanSource

The Solution

With Synthesia at her disposal, Kristen has seamlessly integrated it into her workflow to create high-quality content quickly.

  1. She outlines the training with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and writes a script based on their input.
  2. After the script is prepared, Kristen uploads it to Synthesia.
  3. She selects a voice or an avatar, adds elements such as screen recordings and copy to each scene, and generates the video.
  4. Once the video is complete, she invites her colleagues to review and comment on the platform. Once everyone is satisfied, she uploads the final video to her Learning Management System (LMS).

Here's what Kristen values most about Synthesia:

Integration with LMS Systems: Kristen effortlessly uploads her videos into her Articulate suite, allowing her to build comprehensive modules around the Synthesia content.

Collaboration: Kristen can use Synthesia's platform to receive feedback and work on her project all in one place before exporting the video to the LMS.

Ease of Use: The platform offers all the necessary video editing features for creating top-notch sales enablement videos, eliminating the need for extra tools or editing skills.

I like to say Synthesia is so easy that even a sales enablement manager like me can use it. - Kristen Fraessdorf, Sales Enablement Manager at ScanSource

The Results

Since utilizing AI video for commercial knowledge transfer, Kristen has achieved very impressive results:

Training at scale: Kristen and her team have developed over 45 trainings with Synthesia. From sales onboarding, to technical SAP courses.

Time Savings: Creating a training video now takes Kristen just a few days, compared to the several weeks required for training development.

Enhanced productivity: By reducing development time, Kristen has not only become more productive, but she and her team have also been able to save thousands in annual productivity costs.

Synthesia allows our sales organization speed of implementation in supporting our partners. It enables our sales teams to ramp up their knowledge offerings to our partners as well. The more quickly they learn, the faster they can help our partners. This is where we add value as an organization. - Kristen Fraessdorf, Sales Enablement Manager at ScanSource