How SimCorp enhanced its explainer videos – 5x faster

Mochie Cuyco
Senior Branding Specialist

SimCorp provides industry-leading, integrated investment management solutions. It has over 32 offices worldwide and employs more than 3,000 people.

Enterprise: 1000+

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We interviewed Mochie Cuyco, a Senior Branding Specialist at SimCorp. He discussed how he uses Synthesia's AI video to ensure a consistent, high-quality brand experience in all of SimCorp's external product explainer content.

The Challenge

Mochie's role involves creating high-quality videos that align with SimCorp's brand guidelines. These videos are used by different departments, especially from by go-to-market teams for explainer videos, sales pitches, and events.

His colleagues at SimCorp would provide him with scripts, PowerPoint presentations, or self-recorded videos. Mochie would then transform these materials into polished videos, adhering to brand guidelines. However, he encountered several challenges during this process:

Time-Consuming: Creating videos was time consuming involving multiple software programs and a lot of work that went into align all content to SimCorp’s CVI. It would take Mochie 1-2 days to create a video.

Untrained cast: Some of Mochie's colleagues don’t feel comfortable to film themselves and it requires them a lot of time to come up with a take that they want to use.

Flexibility: it would be nearly impossible to update the videos once created, and it would require additional time and resources to recreate the videos.

The Solution

With Synthesia at his disposal, Mochie can now significantly reduce his own workload as well as that of his stakeholders.

Mochie has developed a Synthesia template. This ensures that all content received from colleagues is already in the correct format and adheres to the brand design. After receiving input from his colleagues, Mochie adds a script, several scene elements, and an avatar. Then, he generates the video, and it's ready for review.

That’s what a final video looks like 👇

Here's what he appreciates most about Synthesia:

Quick Edits: Considering the frequent revisions videos require, Mochie can update his videos with ease. He just adjusts the script or a scene, and the video is ready for reuse.

Ease of Use: The platform is user-friendly, offering all essential video editing features needed to create high-quality learning content videos without the need for additional tools or expertise.

Media Library: The ability to access millions of stock images, videos, and music within Synthesia makes Mochie's work much easier, allowing him to create his entire video using just one tool.

Synthesia allows me to cut 1-2 steps from production, saving time for me and my commercial colleagues who request these videos. This time can now be used for other vital tasks. - Mochie Cuyco, Senior Branding Specialist

The Results

Synthesia has significantly accelerated SimCorps’ video production, yielding impressive results:

Video at scale: Over 300 videos have been created solely by Mochie. These videos have been utilized by his colleagues for various events, marketing, and sales purposes.

Time savings: Mochie can now produce videos five times faster than before. He is able to create two videos, each lasting 3-4 minutes, in a single day.

Positive Reception: Internal clients are really loving the high-quality content in the videos. Plus, they're thrilled they don't have to do any self-recording to get this level of quality.

Since we started using Synthesia, our video output has increased fivefold compared to when we were using traditional video editing tools. - Mochie Cuyco, Senior Branding Specialist