How TTEC cut video production time by 70%

Nathan Telford
Senior Media Supervisor

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We spoke with Nathan Telford, Senior Media Supervisor at TTEC. He and his team use Synthesia to create compelling e-learning videos for TTEC's clients and internal workforce.

The Challenge

Creating and sustaining engaging e-learning video content was a constant challenge for Nathan's team. They worked a lot with external voiceover artists, which came with some drawbacks:

  • Lack of Flexibility: Updating content from outsourced voice-over professionals proved to be difficult, often resulting in the need for re-recordings.
  • Time-consuming: The production process took time, since iterations would require additional recording.
  • Hard to localise: Localizing content for TTEC's global audience requires sourcing voice-over actors for each language, which is not only time-intensive but also costly.
The editing and maintenance process of professionally voice-over recorded content has been our biggest bottleneck. We needed something faster, easier, and more flexible. - Nathan Telford, Senior Media Supervisor

The Solution

With Synthesia, TTEC was able to streamline its e-learning video production process. The team now creates and edits short introduction and definition videos with ease.

This is how they go about creating e-learning videos today:

Instructional designers provide the script that Nathan uploads to Synthesia. He then picks a template, chooses an avatar, add relevant content to the scenes, and, just like that, the video is ready - and all of that in 4 languages!

Here's what Nathan and his team appreciate most:

  • AI Avatars & Voices: The 140+ diverse stock AI Avatars and 120+ AI voices provide an easy way to create engaging, relatable video.
  • Flexibility: Effortless video updating without having to rely on new voice recordings.
  • Templates: Branded and customizable templates save time and ensure consistency in video content.
Upon evaluating different alternatives, Synthesia clearly stood out as the tool that worked best for our application in e-learning. - Nathan Telford, Senior Media Supervisor

The Results

The adoption of Synthesia's AI video creation platform led to impressive results:

  • Volume & Efficiency: In just about a year, a team of three creators has produced over 2,000 micro videos.
  • Time-Savings: The team was able to reduce the video processing time from ten to three days, resulting in 70% time savings.
  • Multilingual Content: TTEC now creates learning content in 4 languages, without relying on expensive voice-over artists.
Honestly, we save days, not just hours in creating and editing videos using Synthesia. It makes it a lot smoother to get content out. - Nathan Telford, Senior Media Supervisor