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Product Video

A product video is a video that showcases a product. These videos can be used to promote a new product or give viewers an in-depth look at the product.

What is a product video?

A product video is a short video that showcases a particular product. These videos can be used to promote a new product, or to give viewers an in-depth look at how the product works.

What is a product video?

What are product videos used for?

Product videos are often used by businesses as a way to generate interest and drive sales.

They are often used as part of a larger marketing campaign, but they can also be standalone pieces.

In either case, the goal is usually to generate interest in the product and persuade viewers to purchase it.

A still from a product video template with an AI avatar
product video template by Synthesia STUDIO

What should be in a product video?

Here are the 3 main sections you should include in a product video:

  1. First, introduce your product and give some basic information about it.
  2. Next, show off the features and benefits of your product in action.
  3. Finally, wrap up with a call to action, telling viewers how they can get their hands on your product.



Did you know that you can create product videos without any cameras or microphones?

See how it's done:



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