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Easily create professional videos in minutes right in your browser. Say goodbye to cameras, microphones and actors!
  • Create videos from text
  • Communicate in 60+ languages
  • No video editing experience required
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Create a high-quality video in 3 easy steps

Turn your Boring Text into Video in 3 Easy Steps

Select your AI presenter

Browse our collection of AI video avatars or create a custom avatar of yourself or a team member.

Choose from 40+ video avatars or create you own custom avatar. No actors or cameras needed.
Type in your script

Just paste in your video script in any of our supported languages. No voice overs needed.

Just type in your text or simply paste it. We support 60+ languages. No microphone or voiceover needed.
Get your AI video

Your video will be created in just a few minutes. Translate, stream or download it after.

Your AI video will be produced in just a few minutes. Translate, download or stream it after.

Learning & Development
Create and localise training videos in 60+ languages, without actors, voiceovers or post-production. Upload them easily to your LMS/LXP.
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Corporate Communications
Turn boring PowerPoints into engaging videos. Create high-quality videos for employee onboarding, meetings, or team updates.
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Explainer Videos
An all-in-one tool for creating explainer videos. Features a screen recorder, text-to-speech engine, AI avatars, templates & more.
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So much more than an online video editor

Create a video in just a few clicks

With Synthesia's online video maker, creating videos is as easy as writing an email. Simply type in your text, choose an AI avatar, and download your video!

Create a free AI video

Customize videos as you please

Be your own video creator and make creative videos with text animations, images, audio, and more. Use our library of templates and stock media, or upload your own.

Create a free AI video

Communicate in 60+ languages

Want to go multilingual? Communicate in any of our 60+ languages and connect to your audience worldwide. See the overview of all available languages here.

Create a free AI video

Leverage AI video presenters

Make your video stand out by using realistic AI-generated video presenters. Just paste in your script, choose a presenter and voice, and see the magic happen. Here's a list of all available avatars.

Create a free AI video

All features

See the overview of all features available in Synthesia STUDIO.
Text to video
Transform simple text into professional-looking video for the first time ever. Videos can be up to 30 minutes long.
60+ Languages
We currently support 60+ different languages. We are constantly adding more accents and voices to the platform. See languages here.
45+ AI avatars
With Synthesia you have out-of-the-box access to 40+ avatars. We are always adding more presenters to the platform. See them here.
Custom avatars
You can easily create your own presenter. It takes only 5 minutes. This is a paid add-on feature. Read more about it here.
Custom backgrounds
Easily upload any image or video as a background to your videos. Ideal resolution is 1920x1080.
Audio uploads
Record real voice clips and upload them to create video clips with your AI presenter. Only available in the corporate version.
Background music
We have prepared a selection of background music that you can freely add as a background sound to your videos.
MP4 downloads
Each video comes in Full HD (1920x1080) resolution and you can freely download them from the platform.
Video sharing pages
Each video gets a dedicated video sharing page. Easily share the video with your colleagues or clients or embed it on your website.
Multi-slide videos
Combine several Synthesia videos into one video. Now you can create rich slide deck video experiences in just a few minutes.
Update video content
With Synthesia, you can simply duplicate the video, change the text and have an updated version of a video in just a few minutes.
Add text, images, shapes
Add additional text, image or shape elements to your videos directly in Synthesia. No more annoying switching between different tools.

Synthesia Avatars

Below you can demo the avatars currently available on Synthesia.

Got questions about making videos? Find answers here 👇

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a video online?

The easiest way to make a video online is to use an online video maker or online video editor. These tools allow you to create and edit videos with no editing experience or expensive editing tools.

Video makers usually feature easy-to-use drag-and-drop functionality and a large collection of video templates, stock video clips, animated stickers, and images. Most of these tools also allow you to upload your own creative assets, like photos, music, a brand logo and video clips.

How do I make a video clip?

Making a video clip using Synthesia's video editing tool STUDIO is as easy as writing an email and only takes 4 steps:

  1. Create a Synthesia account. We offer Personal and Corporate plans to suit your exact needs. You can also create your first video for free if you don't want to commit just yet.
  2. Choose an AI video avatar, language for the audio, and any of our video templates if applicable.
  3. Personalize your video content: add music tracks, photos, a screen background, shapes and text to make your videos stand out.
  4. Download and share. You can embed the video on your website, or upload it to YouTube, Facebook, and other social media channels, or simply share it with your friends.

Where can I use Synthesia videos?

The use cases for videos produced in Synthesia are ever-growing, but the biggest uses include:

  1. Organic video marketing strategy
  2. YouTube channel
  3. Social channels like Facebook, Instagram stories, TikTok video, LinkedIn posts
  4. Learning & Development, e.g. employee training videos
  5. Website landing page videos to drive brand or product awareness
  6. Any use that doesn't include paid promotion

We would like to point out, that using videos made with Synthesia in any form of paid advertising is not allowed. That includes paid ads on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, or any other social media, as well as TV ads.

What is the best free online video maker?

We believe that the best video maker is the one that allows any user, no matter the experience, to easily create videos and get creative with the process.

A tool like Synthesia simplifies the video editing and creation process while allowing users to customize videos as they please. Create, edit, customize, and download videos in just a few clicks. Explore our selection of video templates for inspiration and create videos for yourself or your business/brand in minutes.

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