HubSpot Knowledge Base

Embed Synthesia videos into HubSpot and bring your Knowledge Base to life.

Why integrate HubSpot Knowledge Base with Synthesia?

Because video is 2.6 times more engaging than text, we made sure embedding Synthesia videos into HubSpot was easy.

How do I embed a video in HubSpot?

  • First, make and generate a video in Synthesia STUDIO
  • In Hubspot Knowledge Base give your article a title, subheading and answer
  • Choose where you want to add your video and select "Insert" and "External Video"
  • Paste the Synthesia Share Page URL code into the Knowledge Base, and you're good to go

You can also watch the video above for more detailed instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does HubSpot support video?

Yes! HubSpot has a video hosting service that allows you to embed videos on your website or in marketing emails. The service also includes video performance measurement and reporting.

Can I embed video in HubSpot email?

Definitely. HubSpot makes it easy to embed any video into their email tool.

You have 3 options to choose from when you want to include a video in HubSpot: embed video through URL, upload the video to your COS, or use HTML5 code to embed the video.

Alternatively, you can turn your video into a GIF to ensure the 'video' is seen by every user, no matter what email platform they use.